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Great app, i so much love it. But can't play lyrics of music downloaded with other apps Omg

It's quiet an awesome app but you need to work on the equaliser to produce clear perfect sounds. Pretty good

Boomplayer is good buh not allowing me to download or buy songs no more is bad Brilliant

If only you'd stop saving some of my songs as "unknown" it would be a 5 star for you...fix the freaking thing Marvelous

The app is strongly suggested safety for my future liking so everyone else must it thank u Works perfectly

Great app, keeps me up to date on new Music and reminds of some seemingly forgotten or old 5 star

I think the app is great one. Everyone should get and use it as their default music player wow lol

Would have been the perfect app for music if only its easy to recharge and buy coins. Very stressful, i need help love it

I think you should be able to share songs with every music app. Without the sharing, the beauty of the app is severely restricted Worth it!

Well as for me I don't get to download newly released songs it's hardly ever there... Enjoy it!

Good music and video player. Play list and music in folders can be played or viewed in alphabetical order. Make this a priority. 5 star

Too many frequent updatings and slow connection... But in overall, it's one of the best music app in this 21st century.... It's leading but it can still be better and more improved... Go well

Great but why should it expire after a month. Other competitive apps offered online. Just have a common player which does not expire and then an option for upgrade with variety of extras... Think outside the box guys! Good

It's a nice app, nice songs and lyrics, I love it very much. U should try it Amazing!

It really need an urgent upgrade. It's boring since the last upgrade. The song titles ain't in order since the last upgrade Great!

I think this the best music Surprisingly

I really like the app but I'm unable to download the music which means I can't listen to music whenever I'm offline. Fantastic

Add a command which makes songs to play continuously when selected randomly. It is an awesome app Muito bom!

I like the app. But mine doesn't resume playlist, when ever I start it the song will always start from the first track Omg

Wow am short of words, its actually a BOOM, can't just stop listening and streaming latest music's and videos 5 star

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