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Good music.. Best app. But please, stream songs also from different countries, or set to user's preference. Thanks a bunch Perfect!

This new update sucks. Widget theme not responding and other things not right with this update, go back to previous update Go well

What a lovely music app... I love to the brim this new update... I recommend everyone to download as they will find what they have been longing for.. BIG UP Marvelous

I love the app. But I can't recharge using my airtime and its frustrating. And there is no way for a user to contact your help. love it

A solid music player with a good interface could have been rates 5 stars if it had a tabbed design for separating streaming interface to a dedicated local music Interface. Enjoy it!

I would want it to have the music recognition feature and also get details about those tracks without titles Worth it!

The App is good just too good it has the best songs and videos. Thanks to Boomplay Cool

I'm new to this app but it's like I've been missing something all this while cos I'm a music lover; I love music, I love Boom player Amazing!

Very interested but why not boomplay not share my playlist other user cause am also up come Artist an I thinks this App can help me to reach some place to let some people know me that is worry about here Thanks for the love Can't what to see your reply Perfect

Pls can you make the app in a way where by if you change your phone, music being stored in the previous phone can still be seen....since you logged in with one account Omg

I had logged in. Now am logged out apparently. Anytime I try logging in again, shows me network error, yet my Internet is just okay. I even did reinstall but still nothing much has changed. Works perfectly

I'm being given updates on songs and artists I don't like and listen to. it'd have been better if users can choose what kind of update/news they get. Worth a go!

Please improve your music catalogue we need a wide range of music not hits only. Notable misses from artists like Diamond, AKA, Octopizzo Must have

Sometimes it difficult for me to get some of my favorite songs...when I search they will be like no results Perfect!

I pre ordered the outside album by burnaboy but when it was released, only 1 track was downloaded and the rest were asking me to re purchase the each track again. Please help me restore the purpose to resolve this problem. Pretty good

I had logged in. Now am logged out appropriately. Anytime I try logging in again, shows me network error, yet my Internet is just okay. I even did reinstall but still nothing much has changed. Good

Very good but after download to offline can't use it for ringing tone.pls help me.just last night I downloaded music thanks Works great

The app is cool but I think it should play along with the lyrics if the song. And it should also have the ability to play lyrics offline Great job

Go well

It's a good app I like the international video incorporation.. y'all should allow us download international songs as well Worth a go!

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