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I think it's okay but once you switch off the phone and on it should start were it stopped when it was switched off. Just wow

I think this is the app that everyone must download and have it in their device... it is everything about music Its my first time to comment an app that i dowloaded in my whole life... This is because i real appriciate it... Its george from Tanzania Works perfectly

It's a nice music app, but lyrics stops showing when i transfer the song to my external micro SD card Flawless

The app is good. Good sound quality, good updates, you can download for free and payment. It will be good if it expands beyond Nigerian and Ghanaian music. But all the same, I give it 5 Amazing!

Why are the songs from my phone's internal memory displayed in the app as the file name and not the Song name? This makes my library look so uncool. And also makes music search extremely difficult. Please resolve. Works great

I think am not getting something right, can you please teach me step by step on how to purchase music, pay for it and till download. Thanks Amazing!

When you scroll too fast down a playlist it crashes but other than that it's a dope application. Would be nice to rename tracks in it though. Surprisingly

I can't play my downloaded songs offline at all times,besides dat its a cool app Omg

I think the app is okay couple with the fact that it pops up songs that are current both gospel and secular I love that but downloading the choice song is difficult so work on that part thanks!! Just wow

Love the music but can't understand why we cannot pay through all networks again! Paid through Google play store for 500coins and my account was debited on the 21st of February 2018 but my purchase is still not reflecting on my account as at 22nd February 2018! Please improve on this mode of payment! Had to pay for another 500coins through Paga and my account should have 1000coins but its only the Paga payment reflecting! What happened to the 500coins bought through Google play store? Thanks Awesome

I want to purchase music, but it saying insufficient fund and I have more than the amount I need in my airtime. What could be wrong? Flawless

Too many updates, just too many. Let's have a feature to learn how to sing rather than too many frequent undated wt no change or new features Highly Recommend.

Hell yeah! Best music player in Africa. Been using this app for a long time now, only keeps getting better. You can actually download songs, search, watch videos, all in one app. Mindblowing playlists and recommendations. Thumbs up guys✌ I also noticed the timer. I can sleep with the confidence that the app will switch off by itself and save my battery. No more waking up to hear my music still playing Pretty good

Its work perfect, but d problem am having is that I can play songs when my sub expired, why that Superb!

Best music app I've used in a while & I like the fact that it keeps me current with Naija songs with its recommended playlists wow lol

Should spread it tentacles beyond Nigerian artist to contemporary once so we can have varieties Amazing!

I love it, very nice. Can I play the music I download on my laptop computer with VLC? Flawless

You people need to Give us more content from our favourite artist...that's my opinion Marvelous

Its a good app for current hit music.i like it ruff ruff so you guys for download oo love it

Great app. Terrible ads (still beautifully presented though). You want to turn off certain things like internet connectivity; I just need to play my music. Hate all the internet notifications, I'm a busy person, I don't need one more distraction. Works perfectly

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