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My favourite song not here yet so sad.. i real in love with song someone like you by flavour.. Marvelous

It's a nice app and am encouraging everyone to use it... Wow I really like the theme Worth it!

Thanks guys. You've literarily put my favorite songs/Artists right at my fingertips. God bless y'all Worth it!

After the update I couldn't login. It requested my number to send verification code. I didn't receive any code. Waited a long while, tried again but same thing. Please what could be the issue. Brilliant

The new UI is lit... But can be more impressive. Also the themes are limited only 2 or 3. Please increase the no. of themes. Perfect

Only one out of my dual speakers works when i play songs with this app. At first, i thought the problem was with my phone, then i tried other music apps and they supported both dual speakers.i tested boomplay again but still, one of the speakers wouldn't work. I noticed the problem immediately i updated the app... Pls fix this Surprisingly

It is a great app, but the developers need to work on the "date added" part of the selection. The arrangement is incorrect. Awesome

Not bad. But If you add the equalizer to have10 bands instead of 5 it would be better. Equalizer like the one PowerAmp has. Great job

This app is really good and I love playing music with it, but what makes me sad is that a times when you reinsert the SD-CARD, the whole songs will not play again, and a times when you try to create a new playlist, it will require data connection Pretty good

I would like to advice to modify and decorate it to become the most attractive one Great!

I love this app but what disappoints me is that I hardly download becuz I don't know how to recharge Good

I think its time you guys get a next for the videos too. Its tiring going back to select a new video instead of just pressing next like in the audio. Cool

It cool app but one thing that will be annoying to me is when it display the character words instead of the file name or real name of music.... Fix that please Omg

Who were the developers of this app. It is supper good, they got the credit. Thanks Not bad

It does not bring out results way I searching for a song that you do not know the artiste.apart from this,it,s ok Go well

When will Boom Player able to play Windows Media Audio (WMA) songs. Also when will Boom player have Equalizer and other sound effects that makes music enjoyable. Fantastic

This app is a good app but i don't no why, It dosen't show on my notifications bar.Cay you please fix this problem,I'm using a Tecno Spark k9 Well done!!

I think it's a good app just that I find it difficult to buy more gold bars from the airtime/ money on my phone Recommend

It's a very nice music app,better than many others, for me, I think it's the best so far Surprisingly

Best music app, easy to use, quality sound, I love this app I advice everyone to download this app the only thing i don't like about this app after the update is that i can't recharge my account using airtime, please do something about it. Perfect!

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