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Please enable your app inorder for one to edit music details and also enable your app to be able to delete music on SD card Perfect!

I just started using it but the way it keeps updating me with musics it's just awesome. Well done!!

I love it, I recommend it to anyone else, but there should be latest music in it to make it better Awesome

I just love boomplay, because any music I want I find it on boomplay,thank you boomplay Must have

I like the app, however am so disappointed that I can renew with Airtime here in Uganda! How can I be helped? I can't even play the songs I downloaded months back. Works great

My boom play is malfunctioning.. It can't play for a long time.. After playing one music it stops.. Even after I updated it...its really annoying.. And it jxt started recently.. Pls wat do I do to stop it...I have tried all d setting I no Great job

It exposes me to new songs from great artists even before I begin to listen to them on our conventional radio and TV stations. 5 star

hey, this is my favourite music player, but please bring back this circular rotating design form while playing a song on the screen, which was in the old version. At least make it optional, so that those who prefer the new one enjoy theirs, while me who enjoys the old one, I also choose that.I liked it.thanks Must have

I just love,but I find it difficult to get all my Gospels from it... Don't know why, please do something about it wow lol

We need the previous boom player which Was having Three way in lyrics were you can swipe compared to this which is having two in the position of lyrics#please please the sound this new boom player is bad Fantastic

I swear, is the best app that accepts my phone capacity, keep up with good work. The app accept little data and offline that is what make it like it the most and also download. Awesome

I think you should start giving out offers to your user putting aside there nationality Fantastic

It's good but you should care more about the data usage.. If I do something it must data be opened and if I closed it all what I did will gone but also its very easy to play music and videos with it Great job

Please I wanna be changing songs while playing my games, scroll down my phone tabs above and click next, I mustn't minimize or sleep my phone to do such, Bcos the earlier versions was great (in built on L9 tecno) till I updated and now am regretting it seriously Recommend

Boom is a nice app but the problem is it keeps deleting my play list and it keeps logging me out fix that pliz Fantastic

I have recharged for 100 coins twice and it reflected on my MasterCard but i didn't get the recharge on the app Superb!

Okay i found the equalizer thanks bt i wouldnt suggest this player for saved music within your phone first of all the album cover shows low quality and the lockscreen effect is annoying you have to swipe the phone twice to unlock your phone it would be better if would have full lock screen control and also ve able to see playlist without unlocking the phone and fix how the quality how the album cover look coz when i compare it with the google music player it shows clear than this one Surprisingly

I like it because it has all the gospel songs. I will really like them to put in more gospel song from great gospel ministers. GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN Great job

Just downloaded d app on my phone infinix hot 3pro telling me unfortunately boomplay music has stopped . Help out Must have

Great imagination and initiative. Execution... sometimes falls short. Too many crashes. Fabulous!

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