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Works great it has all the new songs I like nowadays for music in this time and era Must have

This app is the future of listening to music on your android phone or tablet,thank you guys for building this SUPER MEGA app love it thanks. Recommend

I think its great but it kinda messes up but sometimes it stops on me when im trying to listen to music then when i try to go to the tempo mix it stops Marvelous

This app took lots of time to open most of the time it's always loading and get tired to wait. Enjoy it!

EDIT:.... Anyone who read my previous comment (now deleted) please ignore it, The ops are working on any bugs that may occur on different devices and will work their hardest to rectify any issues you may have. I had problems and with a few back and forth ranted emails the issues were resolved. I never got the name of the person who fixed my problems but i want to say thanks.......... Highly Recommend.

I want to add songs and not the previous songs that I want to delete it won't let me Fabulous!

4 Star now . This app is good but it is not fluid like other music players n7 , go music , black player and takes time 10,15 sec to open also. The EQ , bass , fav , treble, playlist buttons plus swip etc not responsive even a 2,3 mb music player are more responsive to touch . But one thing I like about this app is sound , the sound output quality is equal to n7 and go music player . 3 * is only for sound for UI 1* only . improve it please . Recommend

اگه بعدازیه مدت ازکارنیفته برنامه خیلی عالی هست Amazing!

This app is a number one music got to try it,please develop more apps of such kind.... Works great

It's good app but i never find song Next time when you created any music app you work on his full systems Flawless

The EQ is the best feature, that's awesome but streaming sucks and video playback as well but i like the album art with cd rotation as well...thnx.. Go well

I've had my eye on this app. & it is a royal pain to set up, but so far it's been quite impressive. Highly Recommend.

Love it, sounds spectacular! Now I'm trying to figure out if I can play my music offline, that would make it perfect! Surprisingly

I love it I can go out anywhere with WiFi. And listen and watch music and videos Muito bom!

Nice player. But way too much toggling around for me. And some kind of dialogue box or another every other screen Pretty good

Fantastic app I'm so happy that I found it!! Amazing sound and a lot you can do with it!! Big thumbs up to the developers for an app that really is worth downloading!!!! :) Marvelous

I only Downloaded this app around 6 hours ago, But so far I'm Happy with Everything it actually does FOR you. Not touching a Computer until I was cof humf 36, I don't always find apps- No Idea What I'm Doing Compatiable.- But being a HUGE fan of Hip Hop, Rap, Freestyle, any and all. Also Remix s and Best Good Mashups!!! By Luck I've dl plenty of Awesome Music Mixes, all sorts of amazing historically important to the Art Form! That's Where BoomCap App is Perfect! I've made a billion files trying to condense, nope. BoomCap did it before I could sit down! BTW I'm 57 yo white boy who "Plays that Funky Music White Boy!" Great!

It really boosts volume, but the interface is really bad. It's not neat and I can't find tracks easily. Go well

Not only is it a player, its awesomeness, its a DJ app, storage your mp3 and its got a built in cloud music library of today's latest music. You can slow your music down or up. Add bass n treble. It truly is one awesomeness app. Really works:-):-):-) sincerity, Jacob ochoa Just wow

The App itself is great however there are still some bugs in it as well as the inability to change the album covers at least that I can figure out. Good

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