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Since the update, gold collection is a hassle to do as I have to individually collect from each Residence. Change that back to the original to get a better rating. Fantastic

lnstaIi "VEARN' App to Start Earningz.. Ref- (RERA) I never knew that I can earn money just by WATCHING Advertisements! VEARN App is legit one which allows earning points by doing simple tasks like watch advertises,videos and so on. Then you can exchange your earned points for PYATM/PYAPAL/GIFTS and there're various options to choose from. Also VADZ App is perfect for anyone in anywhere who has free time and doesn't want to waste it, you can use it while working, travelling.. simply earning by watching advertisements,videos. Marvelous

I love this game. Almost every aspect of it fills the needs of people that PLAY games of diffent styles! My only problem is since this latest update is my screen goes black.The only way to play it is to restart my phone every time I wanna open the app and I'm on a updated note 5. Worth a go!

I'm having issues with the last release. Someone is stealing my attacks to Dr.T. Also, both with Gearheart and the copycat islands, when I go for a next round my advances are lost and need to start from scratch. BTW, it would be good to have an option to report this to the technicians directly. Brilliant

Excellent in so many ways. But mostly in the way of a strategy attack/defend game. Install it, and if you don't like, set fire to your phone and sacrifice a goat. If no goats are available, just un-install the app. Great job

This game is great and all, but as of 2 days ago, the game will not load me in and keeps telling me repetitively to re-load the game. My internet is completely fine. But please, update the app to get rid of this problem. Well done!!

Great game, I've been playing for years. Last update bricked and wont load on my phone for the past 2 days, though. I would expect a patch or at least a statement from them by now judging by other comments. Perfect!

Had a lot of fun playing this game. Sadly it stopped working after the latest update. Tried reinstalling. Tried restarting the phone. Disappointed I can't play anymore. Just wow

You latest update totally effed up the game. It no longer starts properly on Samsung GS7 EDGE. Needs more megacrab events though. They are really fun. Please more megacrab! Perfect

Really made a worst thing ever.... firstly you guys never ready for any upcoming update while introducing. Always a problem after coming blirdy sneak peak. Have you seen bullit after update. Not professionals.. Good

Sure this may be a paid help me a nap but I really honestly don't notice too many people doing that. This is been a great past time for me for almost a year now. 5 star

lnstaII "VEARN" App to Start Earnings.. Ref: (MAHA) I never knew that I can earn money just by WATCHING Advertisements! VEARN App is Iegit one which allows earning points just by doing simple tasks like watch advertises,videos and so on. Then you can exchange your earned points for PYAPAL/PYATM and there're various options to choose from. Also "VADZ" App is perfect for anyone in everywhere who has free time and does not want to waste it, you can use it while working,travelling.. simply earning points by watching video advertisements! Superb!

It's a great game been playing for a couple years but after the update yesterday it will no longer load up. So now I am unable to play the game on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Please fix this ASAP! Surprisingly

game has recently started suffering from the same loading issues as clash. I click the app icon and often it just goes to a black screen and never loads. It does work sometimes. I'll bring my rating back up when this gets sorted out. Well done!!

Love this game get it, you will get addicted the way I did. 5 stars the only thing is they send us videos saying their good do the megA crab once a month but it's been awhile already. I wish no lies that would be cool Not bad

This is a great time consumer in a good way. When i am bored i allways play this game. Also if you are debating to ge this game it does take a patient person and will take time to get to higher HQ,level, and troops. Perfect!

It's a fun & engaging game. Join a Task Force asap Mine is "Spartan" The only criticism I have is although there's a chat there's no in-game email which makes it impossible to speak to Members on an individual basis. Muito bom!

The new update is trash. The sound and music cut out every 10 seconds or so and I get notifications that are hours old plus it tends to open the app twice before the home screen loads. It was fine the way it was Perfect

All I can say is awesome till I did update today and now when I run game it's just sits on a black screen. Tried to uninstall game and reinstall but same thing just a black screen Worth it!

got a problem after latest update....the sail boat that brings resource i sont know what's wrong suddenly i cant collect iron from it i keep trying to tap but it wont work and i have enough space to store iron but it just wont work so help pls :( Great!

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