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Love the game. But is there anyway you can update it where the age of your World Champion won't effect whether the crowd likes him or not. Because the longer you play the game the older everyone in the game gets. And an old champion makes for a poor turn out to TV Tapings & PPV's. I got the Pro version and I can edit the ages but it's not reflected in the game. And I been playing the game for 10 years (in the game) so everyone is 10 years older than when I started. Hope this makes sense. Highly Recommend.

I like the game but there is one thing missing is to draft roaster and this make the game very good and also add g m mode. Works perfectly

Everything's are good but it will be a lot more better if you could challenge the other wrestling companys and get's to face their champion's title and who ever wins gets to have it also they can challenge it back. Brilliant

By the way matdickey please let us not start over and have some kids in wrestling revolution Superb!

I love the game, I am just making a suggestion for your next mobile game. Can you please make your game Popcorn a mobile game, you can play on iPhone,iPad, Android, iOS, and various other devices. Again, I love the games you make, they are so entertaining and enjoyable, but I really want my suggestion to happen. Perfect

Hey MDickie, I would like to see you add this: Effects: Make your character look more realistic with torn pants, makeup, and more effects! Roster: I would like to see Elias, Braun Strowman and more characters. Matches: Create your OWN Pay-Per-View and freely create your own custom matches! Companies: I would love to create my own companie from scratch. I would also like more companies! Sorry if it's long, I just love your games! Perfect

Best Free Wrestling Game that you can get! Matt Dickie has proved that he is the best wrestling game maker anywhere! Perfect!

بازی بسیار عالی لطفا اپدیتش کنید ممنون از سازندش 5 star

Great Game! Just needs a few more features and out would be perfect! PLEASE ADD ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP FOR EACH BRAND!!! Amazing!

THIS GAME IS SUPER FUN. However, it needs more stuff. For example, I wanted to start a stable and all I got was him/she saying they have a family behind them. Can you try add some more to it. I would like you to add it where after they give the speech on the new stable it takes us to roster to pick out the people in that faction/stable. After that it tells us to give it a name, at least 40 charatars.And only 25 members in stable.Thank you for making this great game and I hope you see my comment/review. love it

Why can't you just allow us to choose other brands apart from federation online ? You had allowed in one of the previous updates but in recent updates again we can't choose other brands. Please fix this and requesting you to not change it again. Perfect!

This game is such a boaring i,ll give this 4star because this game is soo funny mdickie this game have loose controls an graphic 5 star

It's not a big party for a friend and Friday and I will mean a friend of roketball the best in my account I don't know how to send a picture of it and I can get a ride I can come out to the best of it and it will come out and Friday off so I'm not a fan and I will mean a game of it and it was Cool

Go well

Mdickie, Im a long time supporter, and I missed the old days were you could pick any company. I really want to play and manage Rising Sun, but I can't because I don't have a pro licence. Can you bring back that back please Must have

It's good I have given 4 stars because it does not have the real feeling or graphics and players name should be real and attacks also but the game is good Fabulous!

I'ts a good game but i have some tips to make it better 1: Put an entrance attire for the main attire/wrestling attire 2: Make it so you can hold 2/3 Champions at the same time 3: Put it so 30 men can be at the time at the same time ----------------------------------------------------------- Other than that, the game is great, Thanks! Superb!

AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!haters are wrong. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! Great job

This is the best Game Dab On those haters tha hate this game SOMETIMES THIER LIFE IS BORING (nice job mat) Superb!

I love it but I was hoping for more wwe super like under ,Brod cast and Make it so you can get a girl friend and free everything Perfect!

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