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Well... I like it but way too many things are locked and some people are right it is kinda boring doing the SAME OLD thing all over again so PLZ in the next update unlock the other things... But I do LOVE this game it's so fun to dress, feed and play with this adorable little POOCH! Muito bom!

OMG I love this game the games and every thing is so cute and fun can't get enough of it Brilliant

Its so cute it's like I actually want it in real life and you get to dress it up and do other things with the cute little pooch !!!!☺ 5 star

Best game ever!!!! This is the cutest puppy i ever seen! But , i hope this game can unlock all of the things , so that it will be more funtastic! Please Cool

I love it... I love it because it's basicly all about puppies and LOVE puppies HOWEVER I really don't apresheate the adds and I want to be able to have the boo dog do EVERYTHING but I can't because I have to pay and I can't do that so maybe no buying in the game Surprisingly

I love it so much you should add it to we're it's a virtual world rld, you should call. It boo and friends! Muito bom!

Boo is adorable. For dog lovers who cant have dogs,you should definitely download this. Unless you dont have a phone. You can adopt one. Its not as easy but better than nothing. But you shoukd download this game Go well

Its AWESOME! If you'd wanna download it...I would tell you,JUST DO IT! but i wish all of the games were unlocked,and that i could name the puppy,instead of the name "Boo" but the game is still awesome! Superb!

I like it because boo is soo cute and this game do lots and lots of stuff i love this game your the best game in the world thank yo so much for making this gane 5 star

Boo is very cute but can you please unlock all the other subjects cause i wanna see what there like! Awesome

This is a very fun game you should really download it and if you got puppies then you'll love this game This is the best game ever Must have

Boo really is the worlds cutest puppy! But whenever i try to take a cute photo so I can post it on Puppygram, he always does an ugly face. Please fix this and I will rate Perfect

This is so look fun and boo is so cute. It's so addictive GET THIS GAME Superb!

ADORABLE!I WANT BOO!and I would love for you to keep up the updates and please make everything free.i don't like how you have to buy everything with real money from a card in real life.its not fair to those who can't buy everything because their mom says no to them when they ask. Pretty good

I like this game this game is so fun and so cute this is the best game ever I ever played before i wich that everone that had a phone or if they don't know this game I wich that I could tell them anout this game I would tell them to download this game and play it that how I love this Perfect!

I loved this game and I think everyone else liked it too this game is cute and fun thanks For making this game we love y Must have

I love it! The puppy is cute! But there's One Problem -.- .... why cant you just unlocked all the level's? I mean.. i could only Dress Boo up and gave him food.. Why cant i read story for Boo..and take Boo to bath?.. and why cant i Be the Doctor?.. I hope You'll Fix the Bug.. please fix it Sooner!.. Im Bored.. Keep Going! Highly Recommend.

What a cute little Puppy!... But there's one Problem.. Why cant you just open all?.. I mean,Like... i cannot take Boo To bath.. and i cannot take him to bed.. And i cannot be a Doctor For Him.. Why cant you just Unlocked them All?.. Please! Fantastic

It's good game but medical,bed room and many more things are locked phir bhi etne buri nahi Muito bom!

Its fun and cool and its cute Works great

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