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This is great infact I enjoy reading at night now without fear of blindness. This application deserves a 5stsrs support because is very useful. Fabulous!

It works well when and where it does. I only use the dimmer, I already babe the night light feature on Android o. It doesn't cover the buttons at the bottom or the notification bar but it will cover the center of the screen which is annoying. I would leave it in the notification bar but I would want it to stay at the bottom and not interfere with other notifications. I don't know what the vibrate setting means in the notification but it's odd that there's not just an idle setting. It works where it works, but not so cool where it doesn't. I use it anyway because some is better than none. 5 star

Helps reduces Eye strains.. but the NO-ADS option should be a lifetime instead of just a year. | Update | No-ads option is a go now... the only thing I'd like to see is to have the blue light notification bar be more customizable, also have the option to disable the flashlight option as most of the android version ui's have that stock button already. Worth it!

This is a fine app when it actually works - after a few minutes of phone use with the app running, the app sometimes randomly shuts down and the bright screen comes back. The timer also apparently has no effect. Brilliant

This replaced 3 separate apps for me: flux, cf.lumen, and ScreenDimmer. It does automatic schedule to turn on and off and does both blue light filter and extra low screen brightness. App is easy to use, but incredible the notification bar (if you want it) has quick controls for on/off, flashlight, and notification silencing. Works great

Great app. Simple, easier to use than similar apps I've tried. The control panel is okay, I'd rather have an option to change the intensity or dim than to turn on the flashlight. Go well

Since last update app shows shadows around screen, like older tv's with the image burned in. Its not there when the app is off, I've tested the screen with every setting. It is very distracting and makes me not want to turn the filter on now. I love this app tho and use it every night and would hate to stop because of this glitch. Please address. Surprisingly

Best one on the Google store. It's easy to understand. It works. Buy the ad free version, you'll love it. love it

I had another night light app like this but it had to many adds, this one however is great and you can even time it! Good

Awesome app. Has a lot of settings so you can make your screen as smooth as you need it to be. Makes a few apps bug or not work at all but as soon as I turn off night mode everything works as usual. Must have

Really nice,good quality simple app. I can tell my eyes are significantly less strained now Worth it!

I don't like this app because it gets switch off automatically even I haven't put it on routine switch off. and I forget to open every time and I get headache due to eye strain. there is no option to switch it on all the time Just wow

Its good if you want to use your phone at night if you don't want to get caught using it if u are a kid or some random person. Great job

Great on the eyeballs! It's a scientific fact that blue light stimulates the brain and will cause one to have difficulty sleeping. Cell phones, TV's and computer screens. Works perfectly

Does what I want but I hate the on purpose delay to match an unnecessary animated graphic that's supposed to indicate its turning the filter. If you want to show an ad that I have to exit out of, fine. Just don't expect me to wait patiently for an animation, then ad and then allow me to exit out. It's already cumbersome enough to disable the screen overlay for the numerous prompts to do such during my day. (I've now moved on to a different filter app) wow lol

My phone just updated to Android 8.0. I have the S8+. Now the blue light filter doesn't extend to the notification area. The text is still really bright and when I pull down (swipe down) the notification menu that whole area of the screen is bright white and the blue light filter doesn't seem to apply to it. Superb!

Best light weight app for night screen viewing. However, I don't need that persistent white dot and small white strip on my notification screen even after disabling 'notification bar' in the app. Fabulous!

I absolutely love this app! The yellow light is so easy on my eyes and let's me dim my phone even more than the phones actual settings, I would definitely recommend this app for anyone who has sensitive eyes or just likes being on their phone at night! Surprisingly

Love it! My eyes hurt from the brightness at night while lying in bed on my phone this app is perfect for dulling that. Love the adjustable brightness and tint for the filter also Go well

Really makes it easier to sleep at night and reduces my headaches! Its really useful and is super simple. Flawless

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