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Colors are beautiful. Graphics really neat. Great job. So far like the game alot. Superb!

Nice little game, a little slow in response. I wish the goals were mixed, i.e. game is repetitive, same goal keeps repeating. Fabulous!

Great little game. Enhances memory, eye hand coordination and exercises fingers and hands. Superb!

It's a good game but again I have issues with the lack of boosts I only get one chance to use what I get free then after that I have buy them with coins I don't have hope to keep playing. Superb!

Love this game, just would like to build my coins without having to buying them - all the time x Marvelous

Enjoyable and relaxing. Sometimes the flowers with powers go off and it doesn't appear to have affected the game board, which is quite confusing and sometimes infuriating. Otherwise, I like it. Pretty good

"✨Fanciful, Mesmerizing, Beautiful!!✨" This mobile game, I honestly admit, is "one of the best", if not the best, game I've ever played on my cellphone. It's not just beautiful, but takes you to some magical world of flowers whose innocence and divinity gets you completely glued up, only except for a short break when your phone runs out of charge...haha...that's right❕❕❕ Flawless

Flower Enjoy it!

Flower Flawless

Flower Perfect

Flower Go well

Flower Cool

Flower Awesome

Flower Good

Flower Just wow

Flower Perfect!

Flower Omg

Flower Works perfectly

Flower wow lol

Flower Awesome

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