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Honestly, as an original backer of the SKY2 and STORM, I'm a bit disappointed by the app. The app has improved over its lifetime, but still tends to be minimalistic in the information conveyed. The hardware, which has been deployed since November 2016, has shown some wear issues, mostly relating to the STORM. As I sit and type this, there's a freezing rainstorm outside and the STORM's wind gauge has frozen in place, reporting zero wind speed. (Update: after having climbed onto the roof, I found the STORM entirely encased in ice.) On three instances the bearing for the wind gauge seized up and required that I climb up and just tap the cups to get it going again; all in 15+MPH winds. The bearing might need some improvement. Marvelous

Occasionally get notifications that it is raining in Phoenix but my unit always says N/A for rain even when it rained .30" after the rain event the camera has been fogged up for s couple hours after sunrise have a Sky2 had major solar heating issues before I moved it to my pole from the ground, fairly accurate now. Fantastic

App does not provide access to historical data. App plots a temperature forecast which is not correlated to actual measurements. Irony is that Weather Underground app is more informative and makes better use of the data acquired by the Sky and Storm instrument than the BloomSky app. Fantastic

As an early adopter, i have seen the number of stations increase quite decently. Quite please. Works perfectly

After clearing cache / uninstalling/ reinstalling / trying alternative home WiFi I can't fix my bloomsky. I constantly get the error "bloomsky cannot determine your location. Please check your WiFi and GPS setting and try again". Permissions are fine in settings and it worked previously. Other apps that require GPS or WiFi location are still working. Works perfectly

I have the sky 2 and the storm unit. I have had two storm units fail completely in the last 8 or so months since they came out. Been very happy with my sky unit and they have replaced the two storm's. Customer service is great. The app does leave a lot to be desired and I have made many many suggestions to customer support for improvements but nothing has changed since the storm unit was added except a few big fixes. The dashboard is nice but why can't it be in the app instead of a separate site I have to go to in order to view more detailed info on my personal unit? I hope they start putting more time and ideas into the app and make it as great as it could very well be! Flawless

This app and the hardware work excellent for me have never lost connectivity been able to successfully connect to my weather station from my phone at any given time Good

OK, After long time, now able to complete setup with my phone. Expecting to add more customization in app . Thank You for the updates. Go well

And Storm only sends out hourly data??? That is just STUPID! Weird, app said view all day in one shot, but it doesn't! Why explore map always opens in tiny island South of Africa?! You need to zoom in to see local stations, just because zoomed out map doesn't show, doesn't mean there are any there...sadly, people are placing skycam in bad locations, why oh why would you place it underneath roofline???? Treating it as a security cams?! And only shows one picture for today's sky... Worth it!

Having a little problem I am unable to get into the app to the main screen I have to go into the Play Store to get into the app don't know what happened please fix thank you Pretty good

It's great but it would be nice to see live stats without having to refresh. I want to see the wind speeds live and fluctuating and perhaps a graph showing previous and current wind speeds high to low. Muito bom!

This has an amazing potential and hpfulle we will be getting there !!! Keep up the good work and it will be perfect at some point in the future :) My money is on you Enjoy it!

I thought I would get more control and acces to the units. I am concerned that the sky's battery will not do cold weather. They said about 20 days life. I've gotten 6. I have done the reset a few times now, weeks apart. This hasn't fixed the battery as it has lost 75% of its charge in 2 days. love it

New version messed up pressure readings. My station reads 10mb below true reading (old version on my phone still correct). Several stations report pressures in the 800's which is nonsense Enjoy it!

I love having a weather station at home. Being able to see your history would be a great addition. Omg

Great device. Enjoy periodically checking what's going on around the globe and also at home. I needed some help setting it up, real minor. But customer service was on it! Would recommend the app even if you don't have a device. Highly Recommend.

Love my bloomsky. Whenever I had issues I called and customer service was always willing and able to help especially cause I am not the best with technology they were very patient. I also love the video it shows at the end of the day. And it's also fun to search all the different places that have the devices! Fun app! I recommend it Superb!

I like the idea but. I would like to step through the pictures, not have the whole day displayed as a video. Yes you can pause but the two buttons either side of pause start the video again from the beginning. I want to see if a bird or cat was seen in my pictures, it's imposible to view that one picture. Picture playback needs Hugh improvements Well done!!

Considering this platform is app-centric, the quantity of issues I experience with the app (freezing and sluggishness being most common) aren't inspiring. Across 4 devices now, can it still be something I am missing? I'd like to see where this might go. But the devs have had a lengthy period of time to work on this... this "weather station"... without anything substantiative communicated in terms of what it might grow up to be. It's approaching a place on the shelf with the other, tired toys. Omg

It's a bit klunky I thought I would get more control and acces to the units. I am concerned that the sky's battery will not do cold weather. They said about 20 days life. I've gotten 6. Highly Recommend.

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