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Can prevent to lose MONEY when playing Shares . Very QUICK & efficient this Era and the MOST WONDERFUL thing is Stocks Markets Players can inform 1 another about all the risks FASTER this Era as in comparing against the 1980s of Singapore some 37 years ago . Because now we can even simply just conduct any Stocks Markets Trades with a Handphone . Actually , how many Americans really LOSE MONEY during 2008 Financial Crisis , did it AFFECT Americans that much as do it AFFECTS South East Asia Countries ? Which is why big countries like America , China , the Oil Countries , Russia , Japan , precisely all the countries on Earth Globe Planet should MAKE the $$$$$$ Money GOES AROUND Earth Globe Planet . Rich Big Countries should always OFFER Aid to 3rd World Countries in terms of Natural Disasters Aid and small countries like Singapore would always be an Agent Party Country to serve BIG Countries like America and other countries . Give a BIG THANK YOU to America Computers Communities for INVENTING Computers for every student of every Era to use & learn and so on . Thanks to America as usual !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done!!

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