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I love this app with it's ability to read stories and to watch my favorite shows like Bloomberg Technology. The only thing that I wish the app included was Chromecast support. This would make the app better and easier to use. Flawless

Hi Bloomberg, kindly address the issue where the last sentence of every article is blocked by the bottom tab (footer). Thank you. Omg

One of the main advantages of a news app is having push notifications, enabling you to get a sense of the article and if interested, upon clicking the push notification, it should bring you to the article. However this app doesn't, it just brings me back to an article I read a few days ago, which completely defeats the purpose of a push notification. Surprisingly

There is no way one can check which articles are read before and which are not (apart from remembering). Adding feature like changing the shade of title can be useful. 5 star

Hi, I am not able to save articles to read them later anymore. Could you please look in to it. Highly Recommend.

Good articles, but hard to read due to small font. Should provide font adjustment setting. Pretty good

Something glitchy going on still. Old article pops up when I try to check new notifications. Excellent content though, as always. wow lol

Excellent content! Recently notifications don't load when I click. It just pops up whatever article I was last reading if the app is open in the background. Amazing!

It would be really cool if they could integrated Bloomberg Radio with the app. And also include an African stock and bonds, then they could beat Reuters Africa dominance. Fabulous!

This app has outstanding content and looks great, but the latest version (installed 5/27) still keeps crashing. It's the app, not my phone at fault. Please fix it so I can restore the 5. Great!

This app has outstanding content and looks great, but the latest version keeps crashing. I have tried it on several phones. It's the app, not my phone at fault. Please fix it so I can restore the 5. Marvelous

Used to be great, now it crashes constantly since the latest Android update (specifically for s7 edge). Fantastic

Crashes regularly. Issues not fixed for over a year. Eg when starting video. Or when starting the app Works perfectly

Very good source of news on a broad range of topics! I rely on it for my quick dose of daily business and global news! Enjoy it!

Love this app, the only reason I rate it a 3 star is because I have never had an application crash more times. In short it is very useful when it works but utterly frustrating when it crash in the middle of reading an article. Cool

Have been on Bloomberg for years. Though this new version is great to look at, it totally destroys it's cause. The original terminal like view was the best. Strangely have also noticed a decline in the quality of journalism. Please, please get the old version back. Brilliant

Used to be 5 stars, crashes allllllll the time now though! The look and feel to the interface is very good still. Superb!

The content is excellent. Unfortunately the (android) version of the app is very unstable and keeps crashing constantly. I gave it four stars based on the content... But I hope that future versions are more solid. Not bad

Good content and tracking though app keeps on crashing. Also wish you could see total change in value as opposed to just daily change on each equity. Flawless

It crashes almost all the time. I need to restart it continually to get to the end of articles. I use s7 v.7 Just wow

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