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I have tried all sort of portfolio monitoring apps. This one has lasted from my very beginning. I have been trying to find a replacement. Unfortunately, nothing beat this one. I love the Web and mobile syncing feature. 5 star

At the beginning, this app is very good. But after donald trump became the as's president. All of the news are all about him. PLEASE IM GETTING CRAZY TO READ EM love it

Love Bloomberg? If yes, then this is app is a must for you. You can even create your portfolio watchlists and track your stocks. The slight negatives include - app is slow to load even on wifi, many a times portfolio watchlists either fail to load or take too much time to load; and the app consumes significant battery on both wifi and mobile data. Great!

Love this app. Bloomberg live t.v. is a plus. All news including stocks and breaking news is right on point. Keep it coming Bloomberg! Enjoy it!

Review updated from 2 to 4 stars because constant crashes have been fixed. Would give 5 stars if it wasn't the top battery draining app on my s7(everytime, all the time, even when not in use). Excellent business news, Nice user experience, nice design. Just wow

Its good... But I wondered how to change the currency in my watchlist. I tried change it in the setting menu, but it stays on USD Recommend

Nice content and the UI doesn't look half bad, though the navigation feels really weird and the text doesn't display properly on the buttons at the bottom (LG V20, Android 7.0) - some letters are missing or cut off. Navigating the app doesn't work very well compared to other apps, I wish they would design these things with some respect for material design. Flawless

Please provide night mode(black colour) also for the app like previous one & Can you just update stocks live or early and some type of charts too atleast wow lol

Finally to a better interface. Back to 4 star for the informative stock track. The app was working really fine, until after the update. The stock chart could not be display properly in my Samsung tab S. The best and most important feature was the stock track with comprehensive data! Improvements? Only the user interface looks cleaner but at the expense of important data! what purpose is of the update if there are no improvements and more limitations? The person leading this project update should answer to the management team for All the cost spent and benefits obtained between the new and previous version. Amazing!

Good app for getting focused finance and market related news. Wish I could change the font size to make it more readable. Copying text to use while sharing is not enabled. Great job

*Edit/Update* Crashes have been fixed and this is once again a great app. This used to be a great app that constantly crashes since the redesign. While I like the redesign of the app itself, the crashes are very annoying. Perfect!

I like though, the live video and recorded shows. Good quality of video on small screen. Can be improved to higher resolution in case the video is running on higher resolution screen. Enjoy it!

Great app, beautiful design, but please make watchlists sync across devices (phone, tablet, web browser) for the same account. Must have

Swipping left feature doesn't work. Also, news pertaining to India is still not there despite having the region selected to Asia. Worth a go!

I like the overall app design but would love to see Bloomberg radio integrated and also Chromecast support! Amazing!

Unable to add bookmark to an article with this new update ,please fix this issue. Recommend

Finally! The watchlist is useful... Please stop making ridiculous update that makes this app worse Highly Recommend.

Watch list doesn't show after hours price and you can't add commodities to watch list Pretty good

The latest update improved the watchlist summary, however I still miss the pie charts in the summary. I hope it is included again. Enjoy it!

Apps runs stable again on my OnePlus 3t after the latest updates. I can finally enjoy the many great articles from Bloomberg. Perfect

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