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Good app overall. But several improvements is possible. Most important, night mode and ability to order the sections of news Marvelous

Issue with the notifications where the article is not displayed on the App when it comes up on the notification. Worth it!

App keeps saying that I reached my limit for stocks on watch list. However, I can keep adding on the website via desktop. Must have

A great financial portal, and useful without nonsense. Use it daily to keep up with what's happening in the financial world Perfect

Great content, particularly with respect to business, economics and financial markets. Easy to navigate and use. Just wow

Fantastic news source, with in-depth stories I don't find anywhere else. Very well formatted as well. It's quickly becoming my primary news source. Perfect

Bloomberg is my best App for getting the latest on financial and world changing information. Highly Recommend.

Good news coverage. App is working better but still crashes and hangs frequently. Notifications either fail or open random articles. Good

Bloomberg is Bloomberg, just plain. And their app on Android bring me everything I need when I need it Enjoy it!

It is amazing, easy to use and too accurate. The navigation in the app is easier than in the site on pc. I loved it. It also contains infos of the stocks in case you are not familiar with the company. Well done, well done. Works great

This is my #1 go-to app for the latest US/world news and enough stock detail & options to satisfy. I'm not one to leave reviews often but Bloomberg has been on my primary homepage for years. Highly recommend this anyone. Thanks! Awesome

Many bugs. Articles consistently dont load, app hangs, etc. Nothing fixed in a long time Good

The app is decent enough but it's clear that it wasn't built especially for Android. Always an inconsistent experience. Please fix the notifications. More often than not you tap on a notification but the app doesn't load the article. Then, even searching doesn't help to find it sometimes. Worth a go!

Awesome content and beautiful layout. Very handy but some minor glitches disrupt the performance. App hangs a lot when we switch to Media tab. Also sometimes after changing the screen orientation (for a better watch/read) the app stays zoomed out even if orientation is taken back to normal. Works great

clicking an article from a notification/ fb redirects to main page instead. app also needs offline mode Fantastic

It's a wonderful app to stay in touch with the market. However, I have a problem since longtime: whenever I click the news notification on my screen, the app leads to the last page I read instead of the news itself. My OS is android 8. Is this just me or for everyone? Thanks very much for your feedback. Fantastic

Great business-oriented app. Generally unbiased except towards immigration and global warming issues. Brilliant

I must say this app has impressed me very much. As far as business and political news along with their great editorials, I find Bloomberg to be the best of the batch as far as news apps are concerned. The live TV feed is a great touch. Well done. Worth it!

Great source of news. High quality, well researched and always interesting! The app is very smooth too. Perfect

Gives me a quick look on the world and my stocks. Minimal Canadian content. Great deal for the price Cool

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