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Great information but the watchlist doesn't work without logging into facebook. Why? Awesome

Can prevent to lose MONEY when playing Shares . Very QUICK & efficient this Era and the MOST WONDERFUL thing is Stocks Markets Players can inform 1 another about all the risks FASTER this Era as in comparing against the 1980s of Singapore some 37 years ago . Because now we can even simply just conduct any Stocks Markets Trades with a Handphone . Actually , how many Americans really LOSE MONEY during 2008 Financial Crisis , did it AFFECT Americans that much as do it AFFECTS South East Asia Countries ? Which is why big countries like America , China , the Oil Countries , Russia , Japan , precisely all the countries on Earth Globe Planet should MAKE the $$$$$$ Money GOES AROUND Earth Globe Planet . Rich Big Countries should always OFFER Aid to 3rd World Countries in terms of Natural Disasters Aid and small countries like Singapore would always be an Agent Party Country to serve BIG Countries like America and other countries . Give a BIG THANK YOU to America Computers Communities for INVENTING Computers for every student of every Era to use & learn and so on . Thanks to America as usual !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done!!

Actually, this is the best financial news app I ever downloaded, it offers various topics with its own opinion and statistical graphs, and most importantly the design of the app is very clear to read also the articles are very well organized. 5 star

Go-to app for news - great content. A while back, it was buggy on Moto G5. Now it works smoothly. In my top 5 all-time must-have apps. Works great

This is a fantastic app, keeping you up-to-date on current and past affairs. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone interested in financial/current affairs. Superb!

This app gives interesting notifications and then when I press the notification to read the story it opens up to whatever piece I was reading last. In an attempt to find the story I got the notification for I return to the home screen and usually can't find it. Extremely frustrating. Well done!!

App dropped support for my S5. It's almost like bb *wants* us to pill electronic waste. Sad. Recommend

Really need to fix the issue that keeps making it go offline and not being able to bring it back online without restarting the app. Muito bom!

The issue I've noticed more recently is that live tv crashes frequently. I used to watch for a few hours at a time, now I'm lucky to get 10 min Great!

Great app! One of the best sources of news out there. Only one thing is bugging me, clicking on a notification will only take me directly to that subpage in the app about 30% of the time. Highly Recommend.

Smooth and intuitive , but doesn't have the full functionality of the web site and the alerts don't work at all Not bad

In my opinion, Bloomberg needs more news listed, so users see more contents, though less important maybe, when they scroll down. I would like to give Bloomberg 3.5 for now. Perfect!

News notifications appear, but when you click on the notification finding the corresponding news article is almost impossible. The news notification should open the news article Enjoy it!

Great content and refreshed often to help stay abreast of current affairs and finance. Well done!!

Why does the App go offline if i switch off the screen of my phone and then switch it on again? Decent app overall. But several improvements is possible. Most important, night mode and ability to order the sections of news Works great

Love the content but I get annoyed when Bloomberg notifies me of a new article, I press on it... And it takes me to the last article I read instead of the new one! Android problems... Fix it please! Works great

First and last app I check everyday. Would request to include casting of charts and advance charting functions. Perfect!

News are pleasant to read, market data is easy to access, and the watchlist is nice to have. Well done!!

There is a bug in the my currencies section. It keeps switching to JPY and doesn't stay on GBP Amazing!

Don't like the adverts, they keep interfering with the layout of articles so as I scroll through the text I keep losing my place as the page adjusts to accommodate the advertisement! Worth a go!

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