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LATEST UPDATE Now including the WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW and WHAT YOU MISSED sections. Very complete, lots of sections and useful information. Has great videos all the time, and you can watch Bloomberg channel within the app but you can't cast it to your TV using Google Chromecast anymore, that's a deal breaker. 5 star

I'm new to stock apps, but have found this one really informative and easy to use. Recommend

You can't install it inthe external memory .it is not a necessory reuirement to such an app like this. You should give permission to install in external storage Just wow

The app is not bad, might have gotten 5 stars from me except for one incredibly annoying flaw,the app news notifications are interesting, I click the notification to read the rest of the headline and article and every time the app does not open the article because the app is in a back arrow mode showing a previous article, so annoying Perfect!

When using app with VPN when travelling in China it sometimes shows I am offline and can't access news at all so I have to use browser instead Worth a go!

Much more stable than a year ago but streaming still glitchy. Still no return of the inverse video option for text... So big battery drain needlessly. Just wow

Really good source of concise and up-to-date news. I get notifications of breaking news from multiple sources, white BB is always first. Recently encountered automatic close error; notching a simple reinstallation couldn't fix. Great!

Useful app for checking market indices and news updates. Closes unexpectedly from time to time. Flawless

Bloomberg media is best one stop solution for finance news, shows in my opinion. Just what I need. Awesome

Love the app. Keeps me up to date on all stocks, markets, and my own watch lists. Fabulous!

Fantastic app, has everything one needs to stay abreast of financial news and information Amazing!

Everytime I open the pop-up notification, it doesn't go directly to the article. Instead, it opens the home page. Good

Great app but number of stocks in watch list is limited. Yahoo finance allows more stocks. Pretty good

Generally good. I cannot use the technicals though and you can pnly compare with the US exchanges. The iPad version is much better Worth a go!

This App is awesome, and all of the great people at Bloomberg do a fabulous job. It is always a pleasure to read and listen to their diverse reporting and opinions. Mr. Mayor, Two things: Please fix the radio part of the app so I don't have to have my phone unlocked and keep the bloomberg app on top! I can't listen with my phone in my pocket because of that, and additionally don't you guys think that I should be able to listen to your news while also doing such things as banking or trading on my device as well? As of now it's impossible and that's a shame. Second thing; now that there is an empty slot from the absence of Charlie Rose, please fill it with John Batchelor! I think your listeners would appreciate him very much, and I think his principles would align with your listener base very well. Cheers Recommend

Easy to use, which is really most important when you want to check news and markets quickly during the day. I wish it were easier to find past articles archived. Maybe I just haven't tried hard enough! Thanks. Works great

Best for the real news News with no fluff. Got a new phone and this had to get installed first. Alerts are a little annoying. How do you make them less active? Amazing!

Great app.. Sometimes gives incomplete news items related to items on your's not perfect but very good Great!

I like the watch list even though price is delayed. I can follow my investments quickly Enjoy it!

Great for world financial news, only downside is it's very politically biased which is why it doesn't get 5 star's Awesome

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