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I use the Bloomberg app for business and related news, and to track markets. It serves those needs very well. Muito bom!

It's a little hard to work out how to enter stocks for your watch list but easy when you know Well done!!

Since the latest update this app has become painfully slow. Definitely not an improvement. Perfect!

Bloomberg gives me timely insights and delivers everything in a convenient, easy to navigate, app. This is my new favorite financial news app. Flawless

Hi, when I updated the app it keeps on logging out. Now I need to sign again every time I want to see my watchlist. I hope this gets sorted soon. Surprisingly

Watchlist deleted after update. Why company keep changing UI all the time, annoying.. Pretty good

Fantastic news source, with in-depth stories I don't find anywhere else. Very well formatted as well. It's quickly becoming my primary news source. Update; since the recent update, I've had a lot of trouble accessing my watchlist, if I can reach it at all. This is a great app otherwise, please fix this. Worth it!

I like the app, but sometimes when I click on a push notification it just takes me to the last article I read, not what the notification was about. Can you fix this? 5 star

Generally a good app with nice link to their news resource. The free version has a limit on items in the watch list. Unfortunately, the only way to get into the paid version is to have a full Bloomberg setup. Wish they had a premium app version only, paid or free. Worth it!

Great update ever.also update Bloomberg radio app with full screen dark Interface. 5 star

I like the information I get from the app. However, when I am listening, the audio stream cuts out and I have to go in and start it again. It doesn't always start where it left off, and I miss something I wanted to hear. It happens often enough to be annoying. Usually two or more times during my 30 minute travel to University. Highly Recommend.

Bloomberg had fixed frequent crashes and is my go-to app for everything news. wow lol

User interface needs more work: 1. Settings --- notifications is a black switch that noves left & right, but no indication which is on or off. 2. The page background is white, but it would be much easier to read if it was black with white text. 3. News headlines are large black text on a white background over a colour photo, but on a small mobile screen the photo is so obscured by this text that you might as well not have it. Brilliant

Very in depth articles, all for free. It's a lot better than the CNBC app as there articles are very short and seem rather commercial(just my opinion)You can live stream Bloomberg network also for free. Works perfectly

Overall great app, but the financials(accounting) and statistics sections need more detailed info. The info about the balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows displayed in the app are very broad, not specific. Also, more valuation metrics should be shown. The news aspect of the app is excellent, but the coverage of financial info needs to improve. Fabulous!

Has become very slow, really very slow. To see the charts in full screen, previous method was to rotate the phone, but it doesnt work any more. And also i would prefer to see in Bonds section at the main page “yield % change". Anyway, still the best app. Marvelous

Very good app. Gives the latest world news in a compact form. Please add Black background mode for AMOLED screen phones. Highly Recommend.

Why are you not letting me sign up! Is it because I won't subscribe to the newsletter Works great

The new indices section is horrible. Attempting to cram to much info into screen. Go back to old style and set it up so you tap the indice you want to get more info on and have that info as a drop down, tap it again and the drop down closes. Recommend

Bloomberg's contents are very good and unbias. Watch list function is very useful. This app is simple , fast , stable. Thank you bloomberg for this app. Cool

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