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Good app Good app with great stories. If only they could fix the notifications. I click a notification hoping to be taken to the story but end up with a list of stories. A little annoying.

Great news source Would be 5 start of pop-up alert would bring me directly to the related article.

Good but can be better Notifications don't tie back to any stories or content. That by itself limits the usefulness of the notification feature. Otherwise the so had good content and is user friendly.

What happened with offline capabilities? The app looks good and it is fast as long as you are online. What happened with the cache functionality? Without that I still rather the old app.

Notices are not linked to articles Small things that waste a lot of my time, drove me but. Why can't they use hyper-links

Good The overview screen of stock in watchlist no longer shows the values, it looks as if the update line is on top of it. Also the watchlist screen has a lot less funtions than previously. Now you can only sort, in the past you could tap the column headings to get all different sort of figures a weak derivative of which is now in the overview screen. Havent found anything better though with the same stock coverage.

Intuitive Not over long editorial and easy to select relevant articles through the day, topic to topic. Set alerts and it gives a punchy information board.

Great App Good for everyone who want to understand what companies and tech sector is doing to enhance daily life

Need to fix the watching bloomberg live The app is mostly working good but trying to load the watch live on a Galaxy S5 device even with high speed broadband needs sorting!! I have given up trying to watch from my phone now.... Disappointed.

Needs an update to fix this one. This app seems to freeze every time I use it on my Samsung Galaxy S5. No problems encountered with this one on my previous S3. Please do the update fix ASAP.

Good info, but alerts don't quite work the way they should. Good content, but when you click on alerts, they don't take you to the article. Instead, you're taken to the website and then have to go search for the article that relates to the alert.

Great tool If you want a go to source of news & info, Bloomberg+ must be on your phone.

Needs improvement The bar showing time of update now blocks the information on the shares bought. Please improve the layout. Also please have option to turn off notifications in-app. Otherwise would have been a 5 star app

Watchlist About the way I see my stocks. In the past when I had 3 different buys of the same bank for example then at the watchlist it was helpful to see 3 different win/loss of your investment. Now it shows just the total win/loss. It would be nice to have back the analysis. Give us the option for this analysis at watchlist.

Easy on my eyes, good for my brain Like the dark background++++, the color scheme is very good for mobile users. I like brevity, get to the salient points quickly. Enhanced video is always a plus. Most importantly I look for updates, frequent update of news effecting international commerce. Thank you. Good work people.

Good once you get used to it. I think that this app could be a very powerful once you know how to use it. It's a bit like getting MythTV configured. Personally I think learning to fly a Boeing 737-800 would be easier. It's adequate for my personal needs.

Good app! However after I reinstalled it, the finger hover function on stock chartd is not available. Anyone can help?

Dumb app I can't get them to send me an email on forgotten password. What kind billionaire have dumb apps. All that money he should be able to fix all the bugs.

Many iterations, differing features No more than adequate for what it is. My iOS version had a summary profit/loss for portfolio which isn't on the Android app, then I upgraded to Bloomberg+ on Samsung and it doesn't have it by stock either, so I'm still also using the standard app which invites me to 'upgrade' everytime I load it. Unnecessarily irritating.

Good, room for suggested developments: Good cause: More stable; Great having the watchlist synch; Good video feeds, excellent links to other media (eg. tv); Free. But not rated higher cause: (1) watch list limited to 100 (how about a 2nd watch list?), (2) no offline capabilities (cant read on the London tube), (3) watchlist doesn't allow columns to b personalized (eg. I dont want p+l)

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