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Once one gets used to the format news is presented through this Bloomberg App, a lot of facts, opinions & analyses are available to one in compact & clear format! wow lol

Might wanna ease the network calls when there is no network; battery heated up fast when there's no network. 5 star

Love Bloomberg But.......This thing crashes harder then the 2008 housing market. love it

User interface needs more work: 1. Settings --- notifications is a black switch that moves left & right, but no indication which is on or off. 2. The page background is white, but it would be much easier to read if it was black with white text. 3. News headlines are large black text on a white background over a colour photo, but on a small mobile screen the photo is so obscured by this text that you might as well not have it. 4. Search results for news articles doesn't return date so you have no idea how recent/old they are. Great job

Better layout, more ads, faster loading, fewer categories. Veteran users like me still pine for the old customizable feed based on a larger number of tighter news categories. I have to swipe through a lot of stuff I don't want to find what I'm looking for. Cool

Use it everyday replaced reddit news for me. Appreciate the professional reporting and often updates. Please update more on weekends!! Its too much to wait for monday to get my dose of bloomberg!! Not bad

Limit of only 2 watchlist portfolios and it's not possible to break down share purchases in different currencies other than what they trade at - otherwise I love this app! Awesome

This version can adjust font size in contents. That is very good for me. One thing this app could improved is speed when access watchlist menu because it's slow, Thank you. Fabulous!

White background hurts the eyes. Black, or 50 shades of grey must be good for eyes. Flawless

In an opaque world of 'selling their book ' pundits, Bloomberg provides information & analysis that can be relied upon. News coverage is timely, concise & thoughtful. I have Samsung S7 & have had no issues with updates. Great!

Greatest financial news app, also provides pricing information almost real time (a small lag like a few minutes). Great job

Decent app great stories but clicking on an alert usually takes me back to the last story I read rather than the alert story. Note8 Surprisingly

It's good. Better content is rare. Occassionaly struggles to load right story from notification. Amazing!

"What you missed today" is not the news from two days ago. Cleared the cache, cleared the data, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and the link is still bad. Fix this. What happened to the rotate? Not working with Bloomberg anymore. Rather difficult to read the charts without landscape view Well done!!

Your app has become extremely slow after the recent update. It's taking more than half a minute to load an article. The content is no doubt outstanding but please make it run faster Good

Am an American living in Italy, currently wintering over in Grand Canary. I am onto Bloomberg daily many times. In Italy I have Bloomberg on my satellite network and watch it very often. I do miss Charlie Rose and suggest that a good partner for Christine Amanpour's show would be my former grade school classmate and former VP Joe Biden. Paul Pekar Works great

Bloomberg is always a reliable source for the news ( both financial & current events). Fantastic

It's a nice app with enough information but the only thing it's missing are widgets, it's the only thing I believe the app needs. Perfect

Whenever I tap on a headline to read it from my notifications, it takes me to the the wrong article. Muito bom!

An improvement except for forex display. I prefer the previous version which was more readable Just wow

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