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How many times does it have to crash before I finish 1 single article!!! Come on guys, can't you guys fix it instead of trying to do all these fancy UI when news are not even up to date in some categories such as industries which has been the same for at least 2 months!!!! Recommend

The new interface is terrible. I like the old hamburger menu because it has more items and sub items. Enjoy it!

I use to really like the application thought it was business news but, it has seemed to have morphed into op ed anti POTUS (Trump) hit piece. As they use to say on Dragnet "Just the facts". Really doesn't need to have so much opinion. Welcome to new media. Awesome

Not sure why some useful features were removed. In watchlist, funds and ETFs no longer show 'My Holdings' when clicking on them, but stocks do. Also liked customisable summary screens, which is gone... Works great

Fantastic content no question, as one would expect from B. Interface is clear and clutter free. The only issue is frequently crashing! I'm using a Huawei Mate-9 with Android latest OS. Just wow

Adequate Decent app which I've used for about 5 years. However the company losing focus on business which is why I chose the app in the first place. Several of the notifications being sent in the past year have nothing to do with business and there doesn't appear to be a way to turn them off. Marvelous

Very useful finance app LATEST UPDATE Now including the WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW and WHAT YOU MISSED sections. Very complete, lots of sections and useful information. Has great videos all the time, and you can watch Bloomberg channel within the app or cast it to your TV using Google Cast. Highly recommended, it just seems to be getting better and better. love it

Before you updated the app to it's cheap and nasty look I could look up the total value of each of the shares and etfs in my watchlist. Now you don't give the values for etfs. Also, the watchlist chart was really useful. You've discontinued that. That's definitely two steps backward. 5 star

Notifications don't work The app is nice enough, but the notifications are useless. Every time I click on one that advertises a story I think will be interesting, it takes me to a completely unrelated story, and I can't find the original one anywhere. I had to turn off notifications to avoid the hassle. Perfect

A step backwards; shame on you The older version was just fine. Nothing has been gained by introducing the current version. Please offer a choice to let me use, and let me pay for, the older version love it

Rational News For thirty years I've read businessweek in print form. This app allows me to read it on my phone. I find that Bloomberg covers issues in depth and with a rationality that is lacking on many other popular news sites. My only complaint is that there does not appear to be a share function incorporated into the app. I have to go to my web browser find the article and share it from there. Highly Recommend.

New update Having problems watching videos. Whenever I tilt my tab to watch the video, it stops. Must have

Good app - does what it should do and is user friendly! One thing I miss is an option for "dark background" which would be good for my battery and eyes. Chromecast support would nice as well. Great!

Casting feature I am really disappointed after I updated this app. Why did u remove the cast feature in ur last update?!!! Now I cannot connect it to my tv to watch Videos using chrom cast Fantastic

No chromecast? Very disappointed to find the chromecast feature has disappeared after updating. Please bring it back! Perfect!

No CHROMECAST with new update New update actually harder to watch. my favorites like Bloomberg technology.... Want to just see an option to watch the main 40min episodes. Slightly less intuitive format. Phone no longer recognises video running and screen constantly times out. Nice new look but needs work. Marvelous

new app buggy the new app constantly crashes, the live video doesn't keep my display on. Older version much more stable wow lol

- easy to understand UI - news well organized - news timeline - most important news sum-up - trending news - save articles for later Some issue - The notifications are severed because they can't be expanded Surprisingly

Blomberg's Excellent Hope Crashes Fixed Especially in depth business, tech and other news app. Especially like the black background with white letters: easy on the eyes. Gr8 layout + content! Still have crashes but not as bad as a few weeks ago. Support receptive...thank you. Worth a go!

What happened? New version: what is the purpose of creating additional watch list and limiting the existing's? Took me so long trying to figure out how to edit the watch list till I gave up. Save function not working... Old version: Love how the statistics and data are presented in the Watch list. Fantastic

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