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App is great when it is not crashing which happens A LOT these days. Frustrating. 5 star

Why is there not an option for font size? It is essential. I am unable to read on the go at times or have to focus a lot on the text. Worth it!

Arguably, the single most unwanted piece of bloatware on my phone. Don't know if it's a good or bad app, 'cuz I don't use it, nor do I want it. Who do I get to blame for that: My phone's manufacturer, the carrier who distributed it to me, or Bloomberg L.P.​? I'm guessing the latter two are the co-conspirators. Good

Pros: Love the content. Cons: Significant stability issues for the past few months (as of April 2017) Pretty good

This is a great news source that covers business and politics. It's well formated, and has great news articles. Omg

power doesn't mean that stop some save power if I have to stop or off some app, then I can do it manually. so security app's not newer something unique Just wow

Crashes quite often on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 7.0); media section, in particular, crashes every single time. Perfect!

Since the new layout, the app repeatedly crashes. I've used it for the past 2 years with no issues up till now. Please fix soon!! Omg

Worked great on Android 6. Upgraded to 7, app crashes all the time now making it virtually unusable. Sent error reports, no response or improvement. Don't know who's at fault, but it's not me! Can it be fixed? Great!

Worked excellent until I had the latest update installed. Now it freezes the app when I click on anything within the app. PLEASE FIX ASAP!! Surprisingly

High quality content but since the last Android update (Nougat), app has a greater tendency to crash. Well done!!

I overall really enjoy the app design. Lately it has been crashing a lot though, please fix that!! Well done!!

Good app, but keeps crashing like crazy just when you get into an article or even when you scroll. Very annoying! And as others said here, after the update it became less readable and harder to navigate. Omg

Design is fine, content is good, but the notifications do not open to the article. Annoying to be linked to the app and then have to scroll through the whole app to try to find what Bloomberg interrupted me for. Cool

Very clean design. Would have been better if I could scroll up and load earlier videos. Editing my rating since this app keeps crashing in its new avatar. Please look into it. Not expected from Bloomberg! Amazing!

The content as such is great, the app is okish, more personalization eg for news notifications and even a subscription for offline video like in the old ipad app and optimized news reading features would be nice. Biggest current issue: Since upgrading to Android Nougat on an Honor 8, the app crashes after a few minutes use though (be it reading or video). This makes the app useless and was not the case on Android 6 on the same phone. I've reinstalled the app, also wiped the cache partition, same result. Don't have a similar issue with other apps. Will need to use the web browser for Bloomberg until this is fixed, quite unfortunate. Have the app also on my work iphone, but use my Android mostly to read news... wow lol

They fixed the sharing function which was only stuck on one mode. However, the recent UI/UX is not user friendly and removes the professional feel for news. It makes news a lot harder to access. System is still buggy which has some people are unable to save the edits on watchlist Worth a go!

This app does what it's supposed to more or less, so I guess it's okay. The latest version causes Norton security to warn of high battery and data usage. Superb!

Tablet version simply a phone port without even a proper horizontal mode. For a first rate company that's impressively disappointing Pretty good

Better than what I thought I was reluctant to upgrade to new version after reading all bad reviews about this latest update until I was forced to which I was not happy but went ahead to upgrade. To my surprise, it didn't crash as I was afraid, though the new white background is not my preference, some features take time to find but they are there, news layout wasn't not as dense as before, but I can tolerate, watchlist is simply to setup and reliable, so I am OK with this latest update though it was not my choice. At least it still gives me all information I need and not crashes as some experienced. Brilliant

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