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Can try to implement a dark mode/night mode it will be easier to read and can help to save battery! Worth a go!

I like this app and us it often to read news But what have they done to the watchlist feature? Viewing graphs or company information is terribly slow. I would give it a definite 5 star if this was not so slow. Cool

App generally works well and excellent content, but is lagging to user inputs (e.g. opening a picture, clicking on video, returning to previous page). Brilliant

Good content. The improvements to the Market section is good. The wastage of screen space is improved. Bookmarks don't work. The bright white background is still damaging to the eyes. Well done!!

Bloomberg is the best and I always use this for all kinds of financial news. I have a portfolio of stocks that I watch and I am happy using bb for that. The reasom it does not have a 5 star rating is because sometimes app can be slow in moving from one tab to another. They need to work on that but great app nonetheless Works great

The news content is excellent. I'd say it's a "must have" for financial reporting. I find the navigation inside the app confusing. You can dig yourself down several levels by going directly from story to story instead of exiting up a level and going on to the next story. I've unintentionally exited this app more times than any other. But I remain a user because of the quality of the content. Worth a go!

Simple to use. Relevant Near real time news. Accurate. As comprehensive as I would expect for an app. One of my core go-to resources. Definitely 5 stars Fantastic

This could easily be a 5 star app if it weren't for some rather annoying issues. It brings up the same article every time I open the app instead of the last article i was reading or at least the home page. Text cannot be selected. Daybreak europe sound recordings are bot availble on demand in the app. Taping push notifications open the same article. Muito bom!

Notifications and Facebook posts don't link to the right articles when the app has already been open in the background. Please fix. Highly Recommend.

Has room for improvement in the UI features, but the design is amazing, making complex information easy to absorb. Superb!

Great app with better crash-free working and improved interface. Nevertheless, this app can give more access to data and charts fpr smaller economies Enjoy it!

It needs a feature that tracks costs on your watchlist (transaction commisions or expenses) and a history tab to more accurately record smaller scale portfolios. Otherwise a great news app. Marvelous

The app has everything the one needs to check news. Very is navigation and a lot of functions. I love it Great!

Very good app for getting up to the minute stock quotes and news and information on markets. This one beats the Dow Jones app in so many ways. Brilliant

After opening a new article from notifications, it just opens previously opened article Recommend

Overall good quality app. I am a fan of Bloomberg content so the app makes it conveniently accessible Awesome

The best app for monitoring the assets in different classes and news articles are good too to process it. Well done!!

Would be 5 starts if the UI were a little better about preferences. This app is crammed full of information and features... But when you start it it doesn't remember any of the user's obvious preferences regarding tabs, and you can't seem to exclude all the videos or all the non videos... So you are presented with a bunch of stuff you'll probably n never look at. Omg

In many ways, it's an excellent news app however it suffers from some flaws. High battery drain even when in the background, often buggy behavior, and like many other news apps, pushy notifications. Works great

App is great for news and great analysis, but appears push notifications are broken and only open the homepage. Can see that others also gave this issue. Please help fix! love it

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