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You can activate your print subscription! Just create a account at businessweek and Bloomberg. Go to Bloomberg and link tour accounts, then sign in to the app. I signed in and can download the magazine. Hope it works for you. 5 star

When it worked, it was great. Unfortunately, for the past 3 weeks, it crashed everytime I opened it. UPDATE: Changed my rating to 4/5 stars since they fixed it. Thank you, Bloomberg I.T Worth a go!

Went downhil after they outsourced it to MAZ. App is a complete disaster and is always glitchy. Disappointing considered how great the content is. Marvelous

I have no idea what the app is happening. I updated the app days ago as informed. I failed to enter the login page. I reinstalled 10 times, same situation. Worth it!

This update is horrible! Although I have a print subscription, it won't allow me too use it. Please fix this bug promptly. This is unacceptable. Pretty good

I like the new interface, but I can't log in so I can save offline. It's telling me the email or username is incorrect, but never prompts me to the can't remember password screen like most apps. I'm sure the info is correct, but it's not letting me sign in. It's tells me in a digital subscriber, but I still can't sign in. Just wow

I would give it more stars, but it doesn't recognize my account number and when I enter my address, it claims my subscription is expired. I have a subscription until April 2018. I don't think I'll renew. Works great

After downloading for a third time and creating an account the app works perfectly now. Much better for offline reading than previous app. Perfect

Looking completely different after update . And thanks for quik fix of stuck on launch . Must have

It provides excellent reading material which I find interesting, informative and current. Just wow

Amazing authors. Very interesting and useful subjects. Neutral and application orientation Marvelous

I like Bloomberg Business week because it has more real news than news magazines. Pretty good

This was the only pre-installed application I did not disable on my tablet. I renewed my subscription. Excellent work! Perfect

Great supplement to the print version. Content is high quality and covers a wide range of topics in a concise manner. Well done!!

I like the weekly issues. It's news are just as current and in more detail than what is said on tv news channels. It keeps me updated on world financials and politics. I have been and continue to a subscriber. I also use my tablet when i don't have a paper copy with me. Works perfectly

Insightful journalism. Great value as digital access included when subscribed to discounted paper edition. Just need to get the subscriber account number to get logged in (but care to add enough leading zeros to make up to 8 numerals length otherwise account will not be recognised) Flawless

Phil Newton The app is somewhat buggy and is not as intuitive as the Businessweek+ iPad App. Graphics that enlarge usually lockup my Tab S2. On the plus side I'm not getting ads poping up all the time like on the iPad version. Superb!

Bloomburg Business week I am unable to download the latest issue of Bloomburg Business week! Last issue down loaded was 8th August! Please help! Good

Great app for a great magazine Love this app as well as receiving my hard copy subscription in the mail. This reads well and is easy to use. I wish other magazines offered similar digital readers with the same quality. Pretty good

great app got it with Samsng Tab 2014 from LA and it was subscribed to the purchase but now it asks for activation as the year has passed Superb!

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