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I love this game i give 5 stars because this game is so interested when i open a episode but the problems is you wait 4 hours to have 1 ticket it so long but im so patients to wait .. Works perfectly

This is the best game ever made it has hot guys who are so cute sigh I think I found my love Rupert is so cute Worth a go!

There is a bug. Whenever I try to load the game, it doesn't work. It is loading forever, making it impossible to play please fix it Well done!!

This game is so addictive!! It actually let's you imagine yourself in the characters shoes. Your choice choose your ending which is pretty cool. I love this game so much!! 5 star

Okay this game is awesome you really do fall in love with the characters I love you Alfred Flawless

Loved it. Though getting story tickets without purchasing is a big deal ... u got to wait another 4hrs just for few seconds of glimpse of a story Brilliant

It is really a nice game.. But easily we won't get the coins. And we have to pay it in a high amount.. That is really bad Great!

I think for the pictures for the story's should be for free not to pay becuz there are some ppl that are hurt because they can't get the picture Flawless

I love the characters, so dark and handsome Perfect!

I'm so in love with this game but three tap joy offers to get b points didnt work so i should have gotten 31 156 and 7 but instead i didnt get any soni wasted my time. Could these bad offers be fixed please? Works perfectly

A plain ripoff of Twilight's storyline, but it is STILL A BETTER LOVE STORY THAN TWILIGHT. 5 star

This is the best otome game ever!!! Everybody should try it. I prefer the witch version because Alfred <3 <3 i wish they make more characters for the witch version because the hunter plot is so bad for me. Once again Thank You for making this game happen :-) Omg

I like this game so bad but I don't have money to buy coins,i try doing the tasks that give free coins but whenever I do the survey task to gain some, after asking me 10 questions it will load and say that there are no available questions right now. Even in the SWD Ninja Shadow. I want to get some coins :( Perfect!

There are to little sentances per ticket.I don't want to read 5-10 sentences per ticket.Please fix this problem. Good

I like it but I hate it when it comes to the Love Challenge. I don't know where can I get Coins. Can someone tell me? Great!

I sure hope they'll make a shall we date in Charie and the Chocolate Factory Marvelous

My first shall we date game and the reason i love the other series!! Who doesnt like vampires story, heh? Beautiful graphics, musics and stories.. But some of the characters art seems like a half-baked works, so i hope you consider it next time for the upcoming characters. Overall i really love this game. There's a lot of characters choice and ongoing events, so its easy to get lots of good items! Its so addicting and yet its makes me annoyed when i couldnt get neither the toccata or serenade ending XD Must have

It's a cute game, but can be bland with no more than 5 minutes of being on the app if you're stuck waiting for more story tickets, tokens, miss rose contest points, etc. It can be very punishing to those who don't have the real money for virtual coin. All in all, it is addictive and the illustrations are beautiful. Brilliant

Beautiful stories and graphics. I do wish there was a way to get coins through a login prize or token Gacha though. As far as I've seen there isn't even ever a special deal on them occasionally like with other SWDs. Otherwise, one of my favorites! Works perfectly

Nice Jack and Lionel are SO HOT!!! the story so far seems very interesting hoping to see what happens in the end wow lol

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