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Updated my bitcoin wallet address but the payment was sent to my register email. Emailed them but received a "general FAQ" reply that doesn't solve the issue. Their reply used to be promptly and solve the problem straight away. Sad.. Well done!!

I'm giving them a 5 star rating because: THEY ACTUALLY PAY YOU They do quickly respond to questions. They actually address problems with the app asap. My only complaint is that they keep decreasing the amounts you can earn. Good

Falsely advertises prizes in ads. Top prize for 100 blocks is currently just over 2k. Each mistake prompts a 30 second ad that doesnt pay anything. And you can lose your progress in less than 4 seconds if your phone just happens to lag. Hitting the top is almost impossible. Last people to do so were almost a month ago. Upgrade the rating when you get honest. I know the value went up, doesnt change the fact that you give the wrong impression. Flawless

Tooo much ads, there is an insane speed after 90, only aliens can play that fast, ads distracting sometimes Over all its nt working as it pretend to be Cool

Was not playing regularly on the 3 apps which I downloaded.Took me a month to come to 20000 Satoshi.And frankly speaking was not sure if I would get the amount to my wallet.But today 11/07/2017,got a message from coinbase that Digital Artists deposited 22340 Satoshi in the wallet.Well I'm happy and would highly recommend this developers app.Thanks Bitcoin aliens for the claim amount. Go well

Too many ads!! Each column there is a video I can't get out of. Even when I finished the game ! Stop this plz Recommend

Over all seems ok except it always glitches when i get to 60 and and can only claim 40 or restart and re do what iv already done 5 star

the game is ok, a fun way of earning satoshi's. though it keeps lagging and freezing ads with no exit point. specially when you reach level 70 and up thats were the no fun part happens, laggs and then the app exits.. reaching level 100 is unreachable due to lagging and unexpected app shutdown.. please do fix this. 5 star

I withdraw satoshi from this game,but unfortunately it didn't came to my account what happened please answer thanks. Awesome

It's totally unfair ....their are two people in this game name as anonymous and someone these two guys wins 10 time in 24 hours the BIG WIN.... where as I have make 100 block near about 10 time .....but not win single big win........why .. . something is wrong Works great

Fun little game.idea good, execution horrible. Ads dominate the game. Close to 4 minutes of ads to claim what amounts to 1/10th of 1 cent (USD). Others "give away" this amount or far MORE hourly, with only 1 30 second ad,, why 7 ads for 1 simple claim? Works great

Great game but im a little upset because i downloaded game of war fir age to get the 8700 satoshi for reachimg level 5 and i am now level 10 and still have not recieved my satoshit for it so 3 stars until i get what i earned Go well

Enjoyed the game plus it gives satoshi! Hoping for bigger prices. Keep the satoshi coming! Well done!!

Hi there I love the app but I actually clicked your adwall ad at the bottom that says get free bitcoin. Then proceeded to do the credit score offer for 33,000 satoshi for a 7day trial. I have proof of the 7 day trial but never received my satoshi. Can you help? Thank you. Love the app. Worth a go!

It's good app but i don't het payouts.I just crosed the target of 20000.I reached 33000.The app is showing that my payouts was done but I don't get payouts still now maybe its my bad luck.But all should try this game.I will give 5 stars only if the payouts will done other wise 3 star is good enough.And if any can solve my problem then plz suggest me plz...THANK YOU. Enjoy it!

Wish it was a bit slower though and gave more amounts and that it doesnt take that much dats but I'm liking it alot. wow lol

Nice blockchain game ,when completed 20,000 satoshi it's automatically withdraw.. Amazing!

Great app because it pay when the bitcon at high rate and all the three app if we play it gives good amount Satoshi Well done!!

Please increase price amount so that it is equivivalent to the time sparred for the game Marvelous

I love this game so addicting! real bitcoins and real time payout! thanks. more games pls. Works great

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