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This game is fun but is not the best because of allllll the adds. But over all I liked it Brilliant

Its really fun, challenging, and addicting! Me and a friend are competing to get the highest score. Marvelous

I really like this game, but the controls are a little too sensitive, so I sometimes drop a piece in the wrong spot on the board Not bad

Nice one for offline game, can kill your time when cant accest internet or just want to save your batter but still want to have fun love it

Addictive, smaller square to fill makes for more difficulty than a larger simular game Brilliant

Love the game. I hate that there is a ad after every end. If you have to restart, you'll get any ad before you can continue. Outta frustrating Ann's makes me not want to play. Great!

I just wanted to let you know that I have a good idea to have an update on this application previously I have been in the morning and evening. If you have to be honest with me and my family and friends are going to be honest with you! Perfect!

there it is, sorry took long for review, very fun app, plays it anywhere anytime and good for the mind.!! deserves five rate Fantastic

My niece downloaded this game, and I'm now addicted. I haven't played Candy Crush ever since! Only thing I hate, there's too many ads! Omg

I can't stop playing it it's super cool especially I like those wood block puzzles those are the best my daddy got the best playing time I got 739 Enjoy it!

This game is so amazing l love it so much when l am finish my homework l play this game you should download it Muito bom!

Its a thinkable game that in the simple ways create fun and exciting.but really ads are annoying and useless.plz remove them! Surprisingly

The ads are so Terrible they interrupt gameplay now so if you were placing a block forget it it just placed itself because it registers that you let it go. Good game but not worth the annoyance. Well done!!

Addictive! Enjoy playing. Of course there are ads! The developers have to fund themselves! Not 5* because the graphics are a little"out"... The block is displaced from my touch location Not bad

Love the game but hate the adds!!! They drive me mad but still a bit addicted to playing Brilliant

Great game keeps me busy, just sometimes it takes the blocks from my hand , a bit sensitive. But I love it Go well

Very nice but can't understand why the game stops and we lose the game. Anyway I liked dis Cool

The game is good but the adds are unbelievable bad they pop up and distract your game Muito bom!

Really fun but the loud ads are really irritating when trying to play at night next to someone sleeping. Worth a go!

I think the game should be rotating.....I mean like to change the shape any how you want it Marvelous

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