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Its ok but i think the ad which is after every game should be removed it is frustrating love it

It needs an undo option or needs to show two of the next set of 3...maybe even give an option to pick which set you want to play. It's frustratingly fun...I get mad and stop playing, but like an addict, I come back. And for those that don't like the ads. Turn your phone to airplane mode while playing. Perfect

It's fun and I love it and I wasn't gonna rate it, but I got a notification saying "our god, we are begging for a rating from you." And I like the game so yea. Worth it!

You had a five...but you made me lose my best game yet due to rating your damn app! Superb!

This game was REALLY good until this rating screen came up. Now I can't do ANYTHING but uninstall it. Surprisingly

Its nice but sometimes when they give a hint it always makes me death yeah i know it gives me good influence but it also gives me bad influence too but i like it the ads are too much to ahow it iterrupt me when i play it Well done!!

It's really annoying you never know what comes next. Sometimes they send you same thing 3 times so you always loose. I love the game but they need to work on it and send better forms. Fabulous!

It took us a while to get our food. When it finally arrived we quickly realized it was worth the wait. Our server Barb had a cold soar an it was very unappatizing. 5 star

I hate the ads after every game, however,the game is brilliant. If you could add a few more different blocks it would be perfect Worth it!

I love this game. It's a stress reliever. I have bad stress and depressing and it helps me It's also so challenging. Muito bom!

Sweet game with nice graphics. It's not tetris, the blocks don't fall. You have time to think. Just wow

Ad's a bit annoying, but this is always my go to game, when i want to relax-(love it). Great!

It's fast and it's actually great!! I really enjoy the game , and I like wood puzzles Thanks Muito bom!

Can't stop playing this addicted game. I love playing it to pass the time to beat my previous scores. Perfect!

Addicting game .. Better than other block games Classic mode is really attractive... Works great

It's good game but ads are so terrible and disturb us while playing in between Surprisingly

Wish there was an option to dispose of certain pieces so you can at least try to best your score otherwise pretty cool to pass time.. Brilliant

I love this game. It has the typical ad every so many rounds, but those are easy to close. It's easy to waste time playing. Good

Addictive game, just having the ad's appear when you are at the start of the game is annoying. Marvelous

It's generally a good game although,an ad appears in between game sessions. Maybe you can decrease the amount of ads? Flawless

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