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Good fun addicting game the only thing that really sucks and is annoying is that you can't mute it and when you do you hear annoying music please fix that Perfect

I loved this game until the update. The fact there is no way to mute it niw means I can't play it anymore. I'll have to find a similar app and say goodbye to this one. It was fun while it lasted. Superb!

As of latest update 2/27 - you can't turn off the music or game sound both - just either or? Bummer- let me know once that fixed...then I can re-download it Not bad

Would like it better if I could rotate and flip the pieces. I play because it is calming and not timed. Perfect

Hate the update. Now can't play without any sound. Either have to listen to horrible music or stupid sound effects. Please fix immediately, I really enjoyed this game until now Flawless

I like the new graphics. This game is a good relaxing way to unwind--satisfying after a day of working with difficult problems. Fitting puzzle pieces together and clearing the board is a surprisingly fulfilling task. Marvelous

Not liking the update. The audio even when the game is muted makes me turn my phone media volume off because you can hear the sounds from the blocks being placed. Go well

New update makes turning off sound impossible, so I can't stand it. New graphics and reactions to block placement make me crazy. Uninstalling. 5 star

Fun game littered with ads which is fine but why can't you mute all sounds??? It's either silly music and no sounds or no music and silly sounds. So you can't play while listening to music. Works perfectly

Me and father play this game as this recreates your mind and discussion of future planing Well done!!

Update sucks big time. If you mute the game, you'll hear music. If you unmute the game, you hear the blocks. The only way you can play silently is to turn off your phone's media volume which is annoying. If you cannot mute it ingame, why do you need that bottom then? Just wow

This game is great for the old school Tetris Junkie, like myself! If you enjoy Tetris or similar games, you should enjoy this game. This game has a non-traditional spin on Tetris and offers a unique challenge. Be warned...if you have a competitive personality, like me, this game can become extremely addicting! I do, however, agree that there are way too many ads and game play would be more enjoyable with far fewer ads. Enjoy it!

So very fun! It has lots of adds but its tottally worth it. Also is a perfect app if your on the road and want to kill some time from 1/3 hours Brilliant

The controllers needs some work you should be able to rotate there needs to be a tutorial or some sort of instructions on how to play the new update does not match the description of the game or images of the game in the Play Store. It would be good to see the blocks the next lot of blocks in advance. There needs to be a serious update to this game where there are better choices for the blocks sometimes blocks come in that just can't go in two places and you don't get a choice of where to put them and when the next selection of blocks is showing sometimes that at always fit we want them to fit. Good

This is quite a addictive game and a great time waster but there are far too many adverts that pop up every time it reloads game play, you can pause the game but not close the app. Fantastic

So very fun! It has lots of adds but its tottally worth it. Also is a perfect app if your on the road and want to kill some time Marvelous

Very addictive, but uncomplicated. Time waster? Well, what else are you here for? The ads one can cut out, by just going offline while one plays. Pretty good

I gave it a 5 cze of the prompt which made me laugh for some reason saying they wanted a rating. It was funny. love it

Interesting game but too much advertisement some even with sex pictures...not good for kids Recommend

This game is good for a good time waster, but eventually it gets boring. The only thing really fun is trying to beat your high score. I think a way to help improve the game is have a high score chart around the world. So we are going against everyone and trying to beat their high score as well as our own. You can have many charts. A weekly, monthly, daily, and overall. And with that being said I think you should incorporate prizes. Which can just be skins for the blocks. Trying to collect all of the skins. Just a thought and idea. Because there comes a time where it's gets boring competing against yourself. Perfect!

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