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It just contains of adds n keep my mobile waking up also not so good but a time passing game n why is it not working @^*;*" Enjoy it!

Used to like it but even with volume off, pop-up ads now suddenly start LOUD audio. Sitting quietly in MD office or with others, my phone suddenly starts blasting loud ads? Horrible!!!! Ready to delete this game love it

I miss the stars when the game is done. :( Otherwise, the recent update is ok. I'm indifferent about it highlighting a row, but it is helpful. It's just not as challenging that way. I've had the game for a while though. Thanks for making it! Omg

I think that this game is seriously addictive. I like the fact that your game contains cooler blocks that will really make you think. Perfect!

As its fun and a great time killer, I KNOW that this game is a rip off, of a rip off of a rp off of a rip off, yeah... I think you get it Perfect

I like this game but it may be boring because it does not have any levels or challenges it only has high score and stuff Surprisingly

This game is nice l can also say it's amazing but l cannot say it's aussom because we just have to play there are no Challenges no missions we have just going on playing but it is also nice not too bad Pretty good

Ever since the last update the game "cheats" all the time. It places pieces down in the wrong place, moving them before or after you lift your finger off the screne Perfect

This ga!e is awesome it has cute animals and really cool blocks that you can choose and it cinda looks like tetrise Works great

Frustrating! Whilst it appears I have the tactical acumen of a cabbage, this game is frustratingly addictive! Only slight quibbles is the music is annoying so I have to mute the phone and it would be interesting if all the blocks were repeated in all directions. Ie 'L' shape on its left side on its door side, upside down etc. Must have

The update is redundant. Why update when the previous version is good enough. Hate the music! Fabulous!

Good app I love playing for relaxing. There seems to be a bug though. The music just won't shut up. It's either the game sound or the background music that always keeps playing whether the mute button in the aap is pressed or not. Perfect!

With this new upgrade I can't figure out how to turn off the sounds!!! So frustrated! Highly Recommend.

OH MY GOD the update is sooo bad!!give me back the old version The sound effects and the bgm is to terrible and what were those animals?????the old simple version is much better Recommend

I think that this game challenges your mind, gives youa boost, about orginizing stuff. I love it. Marvelous

Like the game. Nice sound also. Whats the name of the song? Dont like the adds, too much. Thats why i dont give a full grade. Worth a go!

What's with the annoying music? I love the game but I want it quiet like it used to be. Now the sound can't turn off love it

Loved this game until update. Either you hear annoying game noises or turn off the sound to hear whistling. When the adds come on the volume is outrageous.....basically if you want to play this game you MUST mute your phone. Ridiculous. Must have

I really like this game it is addicting , but I do have 1 tweak, its the adds, there are WAY to many adds, and I don't even care about most of them.. Flawless

Entirely too many ads.if you leave the game open the ads come on and they are loud. The update now has music you cannot turn off. I like it but not that much.i will continue to find a similar game with more options less ads controlling the game. Highly Recommend.

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