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This game consumes less charging as well as storage. The worst thing of this game is that it shows many advertisements. In every one play it shows advertisements and videos. The cellphone never hangs because of this game. This game is a good game except advertisements. Awesome

I like the game I play it when I fell like putting stuff together so to me it's a good game n I think kid should play it because it's a good puzzle for them and I will also get their mind going when how to put the pieces together Works great

Love this game so much. But the company should make it harder cause it's to easy. Very addictive. Fabulous!

I thought it was going to be boring, but it's surprisingly addictive to a point, the tuturiol was a little blah, but once I started the actual game, it required more thinking than tetris! Marvelous

I'm only writing this because the game endlessly trys get you to write these, hopefully it will stop Enjoy it!

New version is excellent. Graphic has been very good. I love it again. Thanks a lot. Recommend

I love wood block puzzle because it's a challenge and I love challenges. I rate the app a five star because of the graphics, controls, and the gameplay. Overall, I think it is very addictive and entertaining. What I don't like about it is, that there's too many advertisements! Flawless

This game consumes less storage and battery. So it's a good game. But the worst thing about this game is that it shows a lot of advertisements . I request the game producer to stop these advertisements. Then I would really appreciate this game. Well done!!

I love this game! So addictive! But what are the numbers at the top of the board? They change every so often and they look like map coordinates lol Superb!

I just wish i can change the shapes like in tetris. Bt even without, it is addictive Perfect

I feel I'm a decent player but I am not able to keep the game going long, like in similar games. Just wow

It's ok but i got tired quickly cause its all the same to me u don't have to develop new tactics or moves to get through it Perfect!

Awesome game, very relaxing. But WHY on earth did you changed the interface?! It was perfect the way it was, now it looks awful and I don't want to play it anymore. wow lol

Yay, the rubbish music is gone! This is fine as it is. Try not to break it by fiddling again. Awesome

This game is very excited to play when we are bored when we are bored so we play this game Just wow

this PUzZle game is cHaLlENging AnD VerY inTerIsting, i LOve To plaY thIs As AlWays. LoVe It Muito bom!

It's addictive no doubt, just gotta take care of annoying ads. The new UI is fantastic - Trying to defeat myself Fantastic

Ok this game has seriously come a long way since I first downloaded the game the graphics are fantastic the game play is easy and Imma throw to recommend there is now a new update unfortunately there is no description on telling you what the update is about will soon find out. The developers have gone back to the old version of this game with this latest update. Good

Good game..some more brick patterns should be introduced..bored of playing with the same ones. Sometimes the game hangs.. Surprisingly

The previous update was better than the latest update, kindly keep the previous theme Not bad

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