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WARNING! Do not play this game if you can't stop. It's so addictive. LOVE IT! Pretty good

I know that I haven't played before but I think it is going to be an awesome game. Please like and favourite . Works perfectly

All my family is playing it we like it so so much and mamy was playing it when she was small Well done!!

I think so I like this game because I think this game is good for me but I love this game. From Samina:-). Perfect

Good game. Very additive. But too many adverts, which appear every time a game is over. Amazing!

Sooooooooooooooooooooo sweety!!! I liked it very much and very very good and so easy to play Superb!

At first glance this looked a simple game, but I was wrong. I am hooked, once I had a big score I have tried to reach it again, seems impossible but I won't give up. EVER Highly Recommend.

I want the change in tile means if tile comes in type 7 I want to change in L. It should be changed Cool

RICE GAME u can clearly passing ur time easily. Mainly u dont need to strain to play this game. No time pressure . Very easy to play.recommed this game to all. Works great

Simpler game play than Tetris. Lots of ads and odd badly spelled prompt asking to rate but it doesn't pop up often. Using god in this prompt puts me off a bit. Politeness lacking. Average game. Worth a go!

You just need to be a great one to sort of all the given puzzle, more of intense situation and kind of cool to play every time every where mind booster loved it! Marvelous

well i like it do far is cery entertaining but i wish they can come up with other ideas for this game not so much as color but pther objects Surprisingly

It is an interesting game and tricky too but it was endless so it can be much more better than this Works great

I got this game because i liked the look and the sound effects. Wish the blocks could rotate tho. After running out of space more than 6 to 7 times, it just gets boring. I do wonder how you generate the incoming bricks. Is it random or does each sequence have a correct placement Highly Recommend.

Nice lightweight Tetris like game, sad the puzzle blocks can't be rotated like in classic Tetris. I didn't understand how you were supposed to win, or is this an infinite game with no end? Superb!

Addictive and fun! Love it. So simple yet satisfying. I like that it's different than Tetris. Used your brain differently. If you want more like tetris, get Tetris, this one is it's own game. Awesome Amazing!

YES YES YES YES YES!!!! Very fun. Very frustrating. Am playing it way too long. Thanks!! Perfect

Captive game. Would have loved it if we could change the direction of the blocks. Muito bom!

It's a fun puzzle game but there could be some different levels and to be able to change the style of the blocks. Thanks for listening Enjoy it!

Addicting but frustrating because they mostly give pieces that cause you to fail. Pretty good

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