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When I get a boost which are mostly hints by the way. The game tells me that I'm getting 2 but I only get 1. Please fix this or I won't play any more and I have a thing or two, to say about ads the people who said that there was an " ad after every solved puzzle" was right too many ads and too many problems over all. Fantastic

Love the game but sometimes you have to tap the x on the ads several times before they go away. Worth it!

I'm in love with this game!!! It keeps your brain going and it's very I just can't get enough!! Not bad

This game is super fun and I might be addicted to. It's a especially fun game to play when your bored. Good

The gameplay is great unfortunately it's overrun with advertisements that even if the game is muted blast your ears, the advertisements have moving exit points, minimum listen/watch periods and I generally spend more time with the ads than in the game. Superb!

This game is good for people who like puzzles! It is sooooo fun! Also if you like challenges. Cause before I reein stalled it there was no versing Enjoy it!

I think it is great for when you are board.It is so addicting to play. Surprisingly I didn't know that my children they never come out from there room!!!!!!!!!! Pretty good

This is a very very fun game it's challenging and REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY good graphics Enjoy it!

This game is fun. I looked up on how much this game actually helps your brain. Google told me that the brain had a spot were you learn and told me that this game helps you get smarter and helps attracts the cell and I have one more thing for whom ever is reading this. . . That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia and I am from Georgia so if you don't know what that means, you suck and you NEED to look that up on Google. Honestly, I think of Google as life support and if you don't know what google or life support is you need to learn how to control your sucky life. Superb!

Such an addictive game! It's so fun and challenging at times. I would've rated it 5 stars, but the app didn't save my progress when I upgraded my phone! I'm back at the beginning again!!! 5 star

The game and everything about it is great the only thing that messes it up is all the pop ups other then that i love it Perfect

I love this game because it is really fun to play when you or someone else is really really really really really BORED and you just want to play a game any game just like this one Must have

I think that it is awesome and sometimes chalegeing but it's prity fun so I loved it and i think you will love it to! Pretty good

I think that it is easy and it keeps u busy and so that's why I rate this app for loved it and all yessess. Great!

Good game & I have nothing against it. I just like faster paced games! I got bored bc it's so easy. I've never used a hint & I'm over level 100. I ONLY PLAYED IT TWICE SO, that's not a good score persay. Have fun! Go well

This is by far my favorite game right now. Its fun and time consuming also it actually makes you have to use your brain a little. Lol All & All its a Great Puzzle game. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Recommend

A very good brain workout an relaxing for your mind an body a fun an friendly game an creates a challenge can't wait for another game! Flawless

Well, new cell and I get to start over whilst I had 62 credits. LOL. I'm just flying through. Omg

I think it's cool but if you can add it where you can make your own puzzle that's it Cool

In the notifications to tell you you're opponent has lost connection during the multiplayer version, there's a grammar mistake. It says "your opponent has been lost connection" when it should be, "your opponent has lost connection". But other than that it's pretty much flawless! Wish I could watch videos to get hints, though. Fabulous!

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