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The game is super cool But there is a problem..... For water and lava u need 400 gems Sometimes 5000 gems for Building Seriously? Its is just impossible Indirectly forces to use money Suggestion: just make the blocks free , and low the cost of gems used in building Hope u help in this case Pretty good

It's a really great game but you should make gems easier to obtain and you should make a warning prompt when you click "Fill blocks for 15 gems" because when I was building something, I accidentally clicked that button and I lost my gems. If you do both things, I will give a five-star rating. Worth a go!

The Villagers got stuck in the ground when i came back to my place thats happening every single time plss fix it Superb!

Too easy games .... too easy to built house... i like it ... Best games ever! I rate 5 star for it Omg

I love how it's like mincraft but make the avatar needs to be better and make it easier to control please like make a jump space it's hard for me to jump Well done!!

I love that lets us you know going to other people's Villages and yeah so I love it Enjoy it!

I have this game on different divice I really want to play the game it is a good game thank you! Morgan Works great

This game is really cool but you should have unlimited blocks and unlimited everything. Fantastic

Its good and i have many friends ❤ Perfect

I love this game. When my sister downloaded it on her iPad i was sooo addicted to it and now i am downloading it on my own phone!!!! I really recommend to try it at least for once. If you will do so you will not be able to delete it easily beacuse you will be addicted!!!!! Omg

I love this game so much when I build something my family says "wowwww" like that. Me and my friends are always playing this game because we really really really love this game❤❤❤ Not bad

It's amazing and so fun to play and I love that the villagers don't kill you unlike in Minecraft Worth it!

I think the game is really good and really fun if you play it you can also build what you want or have instructions on how to build stuff Perfect

Just as fun and easy as MineCraft, love creating my world. Very addictive! Great job developers! Highly Recommend.

I love how you can biuld things and also follow the developers ones to level up! Fabulous!

its just really fun.For my opinion this game is the best.#no other game is best for me than this Great job

This games is awesome because you get to explore a,great big huge amazing world. Good

I like it all but you need to address something which is you need to adjust something is which is I can't even build because the blocks keep running out you need to make Perfect!

Remove the villagers plz i hate that they keep coming into the house i build and dont leave i have built 10 houses for me and they just keep coming in and its really inoying Just wow

I want the villagers to have more life in them. The players should assign jobs to them and have this game to have a crafting system.There can be a economy system and the villagers should be like actual people (have families, take jobs, carry resources, have actual conversations, etc). Marvelous

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