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Too lagy This game looks really fun when you look at the pictures and this game is nothing like mine in this game it is so laggy and I can't rob anything, and I can't find any vehicles Works perfectly

nice idea for minecraft game I love the idea that game with progressive mission based block shooter. It brings me to an excited world that consists ton of mission to remove the gang infestation. You should try it Amazing!

GTA in block form. At least that's kind of what this reminded me of. It's like a Minecraft version of GTA. You go to different cities to kill different gang members with different weapons. Plenty of variety to keep it interesting. I had a good time playing this. It might take you a second to get the hang of the moving around, but once you get it, it's cool. Muito bom!

Simple but exciting Game This game is good for GTA lovers. Even i enjoying this game more then GTA Pc version. The craze get doubled because of graphics and challanges try once, m sure you can't resist playing again and again Perfect!

Pretty good game but it has a few problems I tried to like this one but it was really hard since it had a few bugs like randomly being shot at by what I assume is A.I. (That or they're taking over) In addition some of the building aren't enterable which makes for a real pain when trying to escape the psycho killer A.I. I gave it a high rating because these are small bugs and when resolved the game will work great. Awesome job so far guys, it's too bad there's a few bugs. Great!

I am interesting in playing it. Wow!! I am interesting in playing it. It is a combination between GTA and Mine Craft, we're an assassin sent to kill gangs and bosses in different cities with many weapons such as sniper rifle or pistol. Nearly all of my friends like playing this kind of games and so far they enjoy this game very much love it

FUN Well isn't this game FUN! I love blowing up things and running away from cops! The world is awesome to explore. It's great. Who needs Minecraft? wow lol

Awesome game! Didn't expect much from this game but it is so fun. I had a blast walking around the world shooting and exploding stuff. Will play this for a long time for sure! Awesome

Unique 3-D block form This game uses unique 3-D block form. But when I play this game, I feel dizzy,I'm not used to block form. Surprisingly

WTF Wtf is up with the view?!?! I move for a little its fine then all of a sudden my view is upside down and spinning? WTF PLZZZZZ FIX! Recommend

Funny game This is my second purchase of Block Clans. I really love these games. Graphics is nice, missions and story is great, controls is precise - in summary everything in this game seems to be great :-) Enjoy it!

Amazing Shooter This is the most fun I've had in an android game in quite some time. This game is a mix between GTA and Minecraft. The gameplay reminds me of GTA. You're able to operate weapons and many different vehicles. The art and graphic style reminds me of Minecraft. This game runs really well on my Galaxy Note 3. I definitely recommend this game. Must have

Sounds OK but... It he is a great game because I played it before on my friends phone but anytime I go to select the city on my android it just freezes so I'm giving it a 3 stars until you fix it Fantastic

Awesome game! The game is fun. Its like minecraft in your pocket and you can play it anywhere you want!. its an easy to use game and you get used to the controls really fast. i reccomend it to anyone looking for a good fun app. Perfect

Just like the other ones. Just like the other games and I loved those ones too. Recommended definitely. Controls and feel of the games are all the same. I love when they use the same feel and controls for games. Awesome

Misleading Its a good game but the pictures are misleading. You cannot ride vehicles and getting into buildings is extremely hard. Muito bom!

Great game! Great Minecraft like minigame, good graphics and good performance. I'm really enjoying it! Totally worth buying. Highly Recommend.

One of the best This game is a combination between GTA and Mine Craft, we're an assassin sent to kill gangs and bosses in different cities with many weapons such as sniper rifle or pistol. The game's play ability is very high. I had fun exploring the game world and blowing things up and shooting things down. Real easy to learn (intuitive) and runs fine even on midrange devices. Thanks developer!!! Flawless

Great game The elements of the game is also very rich. You just to take a gun and then destroy the enemy in the world , this game can also training people's reponse , just fast response of the people can go farther. I had fun exploring the game world and blowing things up and shooting things down. Thank you Well done!!

Addictive game I just played this game for 5 hours but now I can't stop playing it. I had played many shooter games but it's one of the best I ever played. Many weapons to choose and easy to control. I take guns to shoot in the city that very excited. I would recommend this game to my friends. Pretty good

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