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I would love it....but its supper laggy...and there are not enough player in each match... Superb!

It's really good I love it super, but if I'm using a data even my data is really strong it won't work so I'm gonna use internet instead pls fix it wow lol

Maybe they should add more controller or increase the size because not everyone has small hand This also makes the game a alttle hard for the big hands Perfect

Well it is ok but I can't play with my friends who are a lower level than me which sucks please change this Perfect!

Its just like fortnite mobile because I have android. I cant download fortune so this game is just like it Perfect!

its a very nice game great graphics good physics although the game lags a bit fix it and i rate full stars Go well

If u just make a bigger map/battlefield (not the mini map on top) I will love it love it

It is like a fortnite and the graphics, i suggest you make it a lot better maps for the game...... Pretty good

Best game I've ever played from the playstore it glitches sometimes but overall this game is highly addictive n intense I wish they had more clothes n accessories like it would be cool if they had random drops for those items n let you buy them with less gems or money....I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Great job

Game is super fun but i think you should add more maps and more modes with more players, other than that its perfect! 10/10 would smash again Must have

Absolute one of the greatest game in history. Everything was smooth and I can't think of anything to criticise this game. Keep up the good work!! 5 star

I have a Samsung J7 with 32gb from metro that I play this game on and it works excellent. This game is great too! Good

This is big Gameloft using Unreal Engine 4 now. This engine is so well optimized even on Android this game run smooth 60fps and looks great with no slow down on my Note 8. Just wow

This is a fab game but I lost my account with everything you should be able to retrieve your account by ursernam and password Fantastic

Finally after years this update made it work again on my device lot of things about the update I don't like but at least I can play Flawless

It is the best game I ever played but it cannot hack that I do not like about it.but 100.please get a hack for it I see one when you go on settings and change the date that's gem hack but mine isn't working Recommend

Wow it's so amazing and fantastic Finally, somebody's Dy crated a brilliant game I haven't see a game like that in my life Please ,can the creators creat more brilliant games!! wow lol

*Amazing and fun* THE BEST FPS GAME EVER. It's so fun. Just can't stop playing! Must have

I like this game because its like team fortress but android version I'm impress who created this keep up the good work. Just wow

Good game , best controls ,ok graphics and please do something online doesn't work and keep saying server not connected. Please do something. Omg

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