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Very addicting and fun, you get lost in game play.. and meet people from all over. I Love it Fantastic

لعبه ممتعه الكرافيك كلش حلو انصح بتحميلهه Good

Similar to many of the typical battle games out there. Annoying that you build up thousands of gift boxes that you can only open one at a time and each click is delayed a few seconds. Gave up on that. Impossible to build resources unless you spend money. Marvelous

Great war game! I was #1 on all 3 servers on pocket empires, 140 on clash, and high ranked in King's of anarchy. And this is 10 times better! I'll be buying many packs from now on lol Worth a go!

After spending more time on the game, I've decided to increase my score. It still has the problems that all games of this nature share, it's a little pushy with trying to encourage you to purchase ingame items, but I do understand that the developers need to earn a living. As well as this, it's a very passive game once you reach a certain point, needing to check in maybe once or twice a day for a few minutes. However, the developers seem to care more about the player than similar games I've played. For example, they pushed an update that gave some people issues with the game, and gave out a considerable amount of ingame currency absolutely free. Not as awful as I originally thought, but it's too passive for me to bump my rating to a 4 or a 5. Perfect

It sucks that you can only train 1 group of soldiers at a time, but the people that play this game are so amazingly cool and I love that this game is NOT afraid of rewarding gems! Have come to LOVE this game! Go well

Dear game developers, please can you consider resource boosts for Alliances, which would work as per contribution to build it up or something similar Must have

A pretty Nice game overall. I wouldn't have downloaded this game if it weren't' for Mystic Guardian. Very time consuming but the unlocking research trees and simulated largescale war and territory battles are interesting. It's a long game of chess monopliy. I have to delete due to lack of space to write my books thanks for the memories. 5 star

Had problems in the past but Bob seems to of sorted these things out except for refunds but haven't had problems since. Otherwise it's a great game t play. It's a marathon rather than a sprint except if u have coin lol. But I'm playing this game months now Nd love the bond u get if u find the right alliance. Good luck Well done!!

in order to include all types of incomes..need to offer 4.99 ones more often. having 6 99.99 packages is overkill. timers are ridiculous. to the point of extortion. Flawless

It's ok.. Kinda slow paced for me.. I like instant gratification games. Not the take forever to pass levels type.. I only played to receive gems for another game that I play.. In which, I have not received credit for thru TapJoy.. I been playing this for over a mth now and I received nothing.. Can I get my gems?? Good

Great game it's fun and time killer but lacks a few things. For one when you join an alliance it would be nice that once you open game it sets your chat to alliance chat not world chat. Everyone is so used to the other games when you open it automatically takes you to alliance chat. This game doesn't and when you think you're on alliance chat then to find out you're not and end up giving out secrets you don't want other alliances to know what your planning to do. Great job

Once again, after purchasing a pack, more money has left my account. This has happened several times nd when I report it I just get another report telling me to report it. This game has taken over 20pounds from my account without asking or being prompted. Please don't spend money on this game is its set up to rip you off. Otherwise it's a great game t play but you won't get far fast without spending money. Fantastic

It's an addicting game. Good time passer. Carefull spending any money though. If the game screws up, the company will always find you in the wrong. Brilliant

Ok I think this game is good maybe need some new changes but I think it's ok BTW I gave all 5 stars cuz.. I don't really care .Plus I'm 9 in a half years old I'm almost 10 (I'm in grade 4) and in May is my birthday!But I won't be so picky with the gifts ;)! So as I said this games it's alright. Great job

This game is great but it keeps telling me my wifi has problems so I left and reloaded my wifi multiple times. I then went on a website with my wifi on and it worked without any problems. I really don't know how to fix this..plz halp. Worth it!

I just want to know how to buy gems... Because if i tap buy thay always getting my credit or debit card number.. Just want to buy packs using my prepaidsim load... How you can answer my question now ... Thank you... Superb!

Well to start off, the game gives the basisics then never tells you where to get something or how troops are effective. I mean their game manual is quite vague and led me with tons of questions. All that you must learn on your own or ask a veteran player.(in which case they call a noob) Paying some money doesn't get you far (Maybe if you spend a couple thousand you stand to fight). This concludes my current review. Fantastic

Good game easy to play. But one request need help with Leyi Account I tried binding 5 times but there is nothing in my inbox neither spam. Could be easy if used Facebook page. Leyi please need Facebook for Longin. Sincerely, Timothy Timothy Great job

What an amazing game graphics are excellent, game play is excellent but the only problem the game hase is talking in your alliance chat or in the world chat and also sending mails it keeps on droping the text and then you have to log of log in again to talk to someone please guys this is an excellent game so please fix thank you BOB. Works great

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