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So far been a pretty good app a lot better then most of the other app I've used for this tip of use. Recommend

It's a lite fast clearner and easy to use. I just wish they programmed to clean at a certain time. Sometimes these apps ask every couple of mins or so.. Great!

So far so good ...!!! I'll let yourselves and others know to if something messes up & goes wrongly x Amazing!

You can pick up your phone numbers for the internet get this beoch to work on a project for you to come home and we can pick up your phone numbers and we can go from 58 you can get this done before you can pick up your phone is not to late for me to take a look and see if there is any way to get the money to take a look for it in the morning when I wake to work junk mail folder with the rest of crack pipe s bunch of stuff Omg

1st time use looked like it did a lot. Would like to use it a little longer before I can say for sure what I really think about this app. Perfect!

Wish I new how to shut off screen overlay in settings for my permissions. Can't do much on apps. Please help me. Thanks Cool

Great for getting rid of spam and boosting my phone's performance. As well as alerting me when my phone is overheating. Absolutely love it. A little less ad's wud be nice though. Cool

I have been using a hi security on my phone but it stops working once in awhile. I'm not sure why this happens so I'll give this a try hoping it stays working. Works great

I love it because when ever I used my phone doing internet it was getting heat but when I installed and used it never happened Brilliant

I gave this app a 4 star Rating Review out of a possible 5 Star Limit. It's not perfect, but in my opinion it does everything I need it to do and I'm very satisfied with it overall, and will keep it until I discover a better app which that maybe easier said than done! I highly recommend this app to everyone looking for a good quality app that will get the job done and have your device running like new again, and the best part about it, ITS FREE!..... 5 star

A very impressive deep clean I was able to see much more than I thought needed cleaned and this service makes me feel more confident having it Worth a go!

Love it so much it finally fixed my ipad i couldn't buy anything but now it changes everything thank you so much Superb!

It's okay, but it still didn't kill the virus that it was suppose to do. It keeps popping up that my phone is in danger. I thought the reason to install this app was to get the virus out. I'll see if it pops up again then my final rating will be updated. Amazing!

This app is a great great app 2 have , it gets the job doe wonderful, thanks Works great

It is a great app and it functions great... I highly recommend it for your phone.. Flawless

It very useful in it really really really clean out all the bad junk off your phone in it really help with storage data usage. Worth it!

Works well, just needs a little extra fineness with settings adjustment for the uninitiated. Just wow

I like how my phone stay cool and all the virus and junk mail gone so my phone can work perfectly. Go well

I like this app and it's applock application working on good it's a awesome application everyone try it Cool


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