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Fun and fast moving, but... Not too sure of the odds (seem to be winning A LOT), it isn't Vegas Blackjack, and don't understand the side games (although I didn't read the rules). Perfect!

Good game, disruptive full page ads. This game works as expected. My only complaint is the full page video ads mid game. Very disruptive. Fabulous!

Fun Great game.. fun, addictive. .. but a lot of pop ups. Still one of the best Blackjack ganes there is. Fantastic

Slots I sooo prefer the last version. I'm no longer receiving my big bonus every 5 times. Ugh!!! Brilliant

So mad I had a lot of money and out of no where all my money is gone I had about 2k 2 mins ago I just got back on and I had 24 coins........ Please fix I worked hard for that Well done!!

Best blackjack game ready to play offline I absolutely love this game it is hitch free and glitch free non-stop action in amazing amount of reup when you lose your money

Good game Very well done game. Smooth running with no problems. Staff very helpful when you have an annoying problem. They go out of their way to help you which is more than can be said about the creators of other games offered on Google Play.

Better than Abzorba. Much better than the rest. Would like fewer pop-ups, but then somebody has to pay for my fun.

Customer Service I'm downloading this app instead of similar apps because it has over 10 mil downloads and the customer service STILL attempts to stay ontop of things. Very impressive presentation of the app with nice quality graphics. I'm sure that I'll love this game. Thank you customer service and the developer for your insufficiently appreciated time! To others reading the reviews- you read what I wrote- give it a try!

Awesome Earlier I had a 3 star rating and now I change it to a 5 star rating because I realized how good of a company this really is. They messed up my first order and gladly repaid it with extra. I hope the devs see this edit because I like the company, and the game itself, much much more now (: ps... game play is addicting as hell

A+++++++ Best blackjack game out there closet thing to the real thing great way to train yourself for common moves love this game to kill time just be patient learn to raise and lower your bets best tip.i can probably give

Twenty-one It's a quick paced game, and they throw you a bone more often than other card games.. When you win, you come back

Fun....but...GLITCH Maybe it's just a glitch today, but everytime I collect my bonus, then log in the next coin total has reverted to the previous total as though I never collected the bonus. Seriously? :-( Otherwise it's been pretty good

Was good I used to love this game, the update sucks now because when i ran out of chips i could just tap away for awhile and accumulate a decent i can get maybe 10 chips..odds are unrealistic now. I used to be able to play 50 on the slots no matter how much i had in the bank. Now im forced to bet minimum of 175 just because i have 15000 in the wallet.. Thinking real soon of uninstalling this...was about to buy chips cause they took a decent amount of time to go through..not anymore.

Alright Not too bad just wish chips would replenish when hit 0 instead of trying to make purchase. Ill play and try to rebuild then probably delete if I can't. Just odd that when I went for a big win all of a sudden I lost big multiple times. Not gonna pay however, Ill go to the casino and spend my real money there. Brilliant

So far so good. It doesn't appear they rig this game as I have witnessed.on other online games. First time tonight and having fun!!! Omg

Lavern Hall I've only just started playing this game and so far it is pretty similar to a live table. Amazing!

Blackjack 21. It's very good. Especially since the addition of Surrender, 2x bet, and Double Down. 5 star

BJ play against the dealer or I can play against tournament install for free and play as long as I want I've enjoyed it very much Cool

Unfair odds I don't even know where to begin with this game. The dealer manages to get 21 with five or six draws way too often. Whenever there is any kind of big bet on the table you can almost guarantee a loss or expect a 21 out of the dealer. I'm a gambling man and understand the risks and rewards of gambling. I also understand the odds enough to know this game is trying to cheat you out of your chips in order to get you to buy more. Fantastic

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