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Great launcher. Please add option to hide the on screen keys on BlackBerry PRIV as it uses an AMOLED screen there's chance of it causing a burn in. Also add swipe down from home screen to pull down the notifications panel. Thanks. Highly Recommend.

On the recents screen, clear all should be at the bottom of the screen. Quick settings panel should have a keyboard shortcut or be able to be accessed by swiping down on the keyboard. PRIV was able to swipe and to the right to bring up the Hub but this has been removed on KeyOne? Surprisingly

There's lag sometimes when I'm scrolling through the apps tray or lag when I tap the button to open it, rather than the nice smooth animation. Perfect!

This seems to make my blackberry PRIV lag more than other people third party launchers. Recommend

Would love if bb hub would be jus a swipe away from left as in bb 10 feels incomplete without it 5 star

I love that this launcher is basically the Google Launcher, but I can get rid of the omnipresent Google bar. Widgets and shortcuts work fine. Dark theme isn't bad. Suggestion: allow users to change the Launcher font to the BB10 system font? Fantastic

After the recent update, the app crashes about 3x anytime I restart my phone. Please look into it. Thank you ! Great app though Marvelous

Great launcher with sufficient personalisation options. Though would appreciate if Google Calendar icon showed the actual date, not 31 all the time - if I use other than system icon pack, this usually works. Thanks! Omg

Love it. Always wish if black was androids native theme. This launcher is simple and great... Well done!!

Great. Thanks for the update. Please add an option to swipe down anywhere on the Homescreen or use swipe down gesture on the keyboard to bring down the notification panel. Awesome

It's a good launcher but lately when I try to go into an app backs me out even when I try to text someone it backs me out of all apps even as I type this review it took me 5 mind to type this wow lol

One of the best launcher . The thing which I liked the most :- 1.Time efficient & good sorting of apps in app collection bar. 2. The star mark on app icons having any unread notification looks attractive. 3. The pop up widget is the most loving feature . Let's you manage widgets of different apps in their own icon . Enjoy it!

Update, still great... Stable and with nice features, please keep it that way :) Update, features for Android 7, should be also available for lower version, remember... You decided not to update the BlackBerry Priv to Nougat. Love that last update, now I can change the size of the icons and the layout... Working stable on my Marshmallow Android. 5 star

Good app but needs lot of improvement. Floating widgets is the best feature this launcher provides. No other launcher has been that innovative. However, its app drawer is a weak point. Cant create folder in drawer which any ordinary on store can do. One should be able to customise the drawer. Otherwise a good launcher Highly Recommend.

All Blackberry, all business! Just wish we had more BlackBerry smartphone choices! Just wow

Love the launcher but would love to have the time, date, weather and next appointment built into the launcher like competitive launchers Just wow

Pls bring back BB10 gesture to BB launcher, IphoneX is taking that awesome gesture from you! Superb!

please update this launcher like bb os 10 which blackberry hub in the left if we swipe it Well done!!

What is missing is desktop lock so that you don't accidentally move the icons, remove them or uninstalled. Other launchers such as nova has this feature Not bad

How about swipe left to access the Blackberry Hub if you own a blackberry phone? Please make that happen so it feels like bb10 Perfect

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