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Good Game for collecting bitcoin on the go Good game so far to collect bitcoin on the go. I do realize that this is still in beta phase, but satoshis that are awarded could be a little higher, as it starts out as giving 11-18 satoshis for the first kill and then goes down to only collecting 1 satoshi as a reward no matter how many you kill. Please upgrade the amount given

Simple yet fun The simplicity of it is great! Only problem is that it won't accept Xapo bitcoin addresses. Other than that, great!. Recommend to download Bitcoin Aliens APK

BTC Good game for one of the few BTC game. Anoying ad but I guess that is the way you get paid also.

Fun and beneficial I love it and my 3 year old keeps stealing it from me because she has a blast trying to tap the aliens! Well worth a try at least

Good, could be better Cool concept. Rewards should be increased but a great idea for alien faucet. I've been playing on and off and already have 1,000 in like 15 minuets total. I'd also suggest adding a home page instead of jumping into the app or have an actual account for the app ✌

Best!! Best Free Bitcoin in the marketplace! Tap aliens, high mbt payouts sent after 1000. Perfect for Bitcoin newbies and pros alike!

Great idea and app I'm having trouble getting it to accept my wallet address neither my block chain address work or my xapo address. Any ideas? I'm using a note 3

Want more coins.. Need to work on offline mood too like a game. Than update it when internet connect.

Awesome and fun! This app along with the website is a great way to collect more satoshi! It's easy and fun!

Funner than faucet I clicked payout had 1007 satoshi and my bitcoins wallet still says 0 how do I get the coins. Recommend to download Bitcoin Aliens APK

A new idea of faucet in an app It is quite addictive, and I love it more than the website! Just fix the random Google Play Service error and it is perfect!

Playing while earning So easy that even your baby can play it. :) hoping for more enhancements, developments, and higher payouts soon. Keep up!

Good game for a new one Nice game. I hope later the devolpers add new features better gameplay with more sense in it. Also coins are not so much like coin flapper. But anyway it is a worth game.

Sounds interesting I am having trouble reducing the Alien's health enough to get a reward. Needs better sensitivity

Good game Payouts could be a little higher but low ads its good bribes for 5 stars on website tho

Nice Beta Works very well for me. As other people have said though, rewards being higher would be nicer.

Works. A touch heavy on the ads but works for braindead bitcoin accumulation. Honest operators actually pay out as promised. Solid five stars for that.

Awesome Who doesn't love earning bitcoin while wasting time? Simple, fun, earn some bitcoins. Love it!

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