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Connection Problems I have questions I need to ask but I can't connect with BirchBox through the app. There is a help option but there has been an error every single time I have tried to use it. Please fix, this is important to me. Overall, as a new subscriber, I loved my first Birchbox and I can't wait for my next one :). Fantastic

I love Birchboxes but not this app!! This app isnt the best as it keep closing when I write a review. I guess they dont want my opinion. Very dissapointing. Perfect

Shopping only, needs work Can only shop via the app. Unable to review this month's products and unable to view/modify profile ie stored shipping details. I love BB but this app is not robust. FYI to the devs: the app is off. It shows my last box as 2 boxes ago. I'm on the latest BB version and phone OS version. Must have

Birtchbox A monthly box of goodies, all surprises, I'll take it! A little something for me every month. I don't often buy for myself, we have kids! That's where the money goes when we have extra. So for ten bucks a mo. I get a Lil something without feeling guilty because I spent money on ME! The products are specifically altered for what I like, making it that much more appealing. They never let me down! Not bad

It's like getting 5+ gifts a month I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY Birtchbox every month. Yes there may be a product that isn't for me but at least I know now not to buy the bigger more expensive of that product, I simply give it to someone that I know would enjoy it instead. Overall I have had a wonderful experience with Birtchbox and look forward to many many many more months of surprises! Have fun! That's what it's all about! Surprisingly

Beauty Guru Oh my Lord, at first when my mother told me about birchbox, I was just shaking it off my shoulders. But now that I actually have the app AND the box coming in every month, I'm very happy and thankful that she told me about it. thanks mom! And better yet, thanks birchbox! Superb!

Needs an update Birchbox needs to fix their app , it constantly freezes up or does does let you go any further or click on certain things . The boxes option from pick list disapears . Right now the check out box in cart is frozen and you cannot click on it Recommend

Love it! I love Birchbox and I love this app. Not a single complaint. It is functional, fun, and my favorite online beauty store. You guys/girls are great! Enjoy it!

Awful!! This app sucks! Every time I open it, it tells me I'm not signed in and that I need to sign in, but it won't let me. How annoying! Fix the bugs!! Good

Wait list functionality Where is the ability to join the wait list for products that are not in stock at the moment? First, I have no way to join the wait list for a product on the app, so I go onto the mobile website, and the wait list button on the mobile site doesn't work, either! You need to fix these two problems, Birchbox, so people can use them. Fix it, and I'll change to 5 stars. wow lol

Well it WAS great :( Runs good most of timeUse a computer to sign up but tracking and reviewing is great on the app. Maybe add a easier way on the app and wesbite to see the freebee's available each month. -need a way to view account settings

Robina2966 My daughter bought me six month subscription can't wait to get my first sample s

BIRCHBOX I've been a member of BIRCHBOX for over a year and a half. I have never been disappointed with the products I've received. They are sample sizes, but it gives you a chance to try a product before actually investing in the larger size.

Birchbox They are absolutely the best is all areas, from customer service to the samples the choose specifically for you!

Won't show CAD $ Really annoyed with this ongoing issue of showing prices in US $ instead of Canadian. I have never once been able to pick my samples and you can't zoom in on the tracking info so get your magnifying glasses out!

Great Love the app! Very convenient and easy to use

Good for buying and tracking but... This app really should have more account related features like viewing your points

It's okay, but... It definitely has that new, fresh app feel. As a result, it is a bit buggy. I'd be happy to elaborate on this, but there is a limit to how much you can type... Lol. I look forward to the fixes in the future! It seems like this app has a promising future.

Useful app I like the app. I can shop, use points and track my shipments. However, I still don't get my points when I review a product in the app. I recently reviewed 5 items that I used on my vacation. I never received my points. After sending an e-mail to customer service (and going back and forth with them), I finally received my points. Unfortunately, customer service took so long to award my points, the coupon for the item I was combining with my points expired.

I (still) really want to love this app! Even after the new update, my Discover page still isn't quite right. At first, I was seeing new articles...but now it's back to only showing stuff from summer. Frustrating! :(

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