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The games are a bit pricey so the higher the level, the less play time because you have to spend your daily cherries all on but maybe 2 cards which is one round. Also, occasionally, when the countdown on the last 5 numbers are called, especially in the blackout game, you get cheated on at least 1 number, sometimes up to 3. Which means you have to play that room several more times to complete it. Totally frustrating! But that's why I only play the free games. Fabulous!

Please please please bring back the coin rewards for on the daily and weekly achievements for sending gifts daily to our fb friends. I know we get a gift per gift received, but the daily gifting achievement was always enjoyable and ive been a loyal Bingo Pop players for 3 years and am now in the low 600's on my level and have always enjoyed them and play literally EVERYDAY and hate that this achievement is no longer a reward. Muito bom!

I love this cute, yet fun verion of the classic game of Bingo! The fun changes and the different styles of getting the bingo's is really neat. Keep up the Great work! Worth a go!

I love that it has a few diferent ways to be able to keep playing.if you run out of cherries you can use coins to get scratch odds to get more coins and our cherries. If you're out of coins you can convert cherries to coins. Love the game Perfect

Out of all the bingo games that is out right now, this one is by far my favorite!!!!!!♡♡♡♡ I play it every day and actually get upset when I run out of cherries!!! Ha..... AMAZING Amazing!

I'm very tired of the constant change in special games. It would be nice if players had the chance to complete one before you start a new one. 5 star

This is only bingo that I love and hate at the same time lol. Somedays I'll rack in the bingo calls and in the same seating can have bingo several different ways and never get the number I need Great job

the best bingo game by far! ive been playing bingo pop for a few years now and never get bored. Just wow

Love this game. I work a lot don't get to go to Bingo like I would like to, but this game makes me feel like I'm there. Recommend

I had gotten up to 44 freebies at a time...suddenly I'm back to 22! Love the game, bout to quit! Marvelous

Love this game.. It's a lot of fun.. ONLY thing they need to give out MORE CHERRIES!! Not bad

The recent update is cutting off the bottom of my screen which makes it hard to play... Anyone else having this problem? Brilliant

Very addictive. You can play online or offline. You have to have internet to collect your free daily cherries and to play some the side games. I wish you could buy scratch off tickets offline but at least u can scratch them. Highly Recommend.

I downloaded this game about half an hour ago and i have been playing it for half an hour its a very nice game its not too hard or too easy its just right the voice says the numbers clearly and slowly and theres a nice gap in between so that its way to check both cards for the spoken numbers some bingo games say it too quickly with not much gap which makes it hard to find the numbers but this game is very nice it gets addictive quickly from the first game would it be possible to add a facebook connection button?? That would good Not bad

Great game very relaxing but twice today I have been cheated out of cherries and xp I earned Well done!!

Extremely addictive!! Been playing for years!! Just wish the level up award was much bigger. Rooms ask so much & the level up award that's about 20 cherries doesn't even pay for one 4 card play. Also please make another scratch card for older players who already reached level 10 & played the whole 10 scratch card levels. That's my favorite part & the funnest in my opinion. So please make another level scratch card for seasoned players. Thank you so much!! Go well

At first I loved it. But then I started spending money and it seems like it wasn't giving me any bingos so I could spend more money. I wish this bingo app would change for the better because it is the best one on Google Play Fantastic

I'm still getting used to it. So far so good it's very entertaining yet extremely hard to maintain all the Stuff you need in game to progress like you want to. Worth a go!

It's use to be fun but then losing when betting higher.this game needs better winning you don't like when higher bets are played. I won more cherries and coins playing scarach offs that I already solved than playing bingo games it self. Please help.can you let me won some cherries love this game Great!

I love the game but i am giving this 2 star review due to many bugs only for me. I have lost over 1000000 cherriies and 1000 dollars from Muito bom!

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