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Great game! I just wanna suggest if the caller could slow it down a bit. I'm confused on what to daub. Quite fast. Thank you! Enjoy it!

It's a trendy twist on bingo, very much entertaining now if only we could have live support instilled once again I sincerely believe that you would have a top 3 bingo app. Great job

Level 100 and now what??????? There is no way to get the trillions of points needed to get to level 101. So no more boost unless you spin for it and no more extra coins. No reason to really play after level 100 if you are looking to level up. Omg

Don't like the fact that I cannot play the last number just stops.. Superb!

It has fantastic gameplay I do believe theirs only one thing yhe gsme has a flaw on thats l the fact 5hst it'll call all the numbers and ove only got 1 moreeft and then it's a bingo Fabulous!

This is one of the best Bingo games. It's kinda Chinese on payouts, but the game play is always smooth, no glitches, fast load up, and graphics are amazing. I've played a lot of different bingo games and this is by far one of the best. Except payouts. Marvelous

Stop the game from speeding up when there's 677 or 48 Bingo's left and u been sitting their patt with a bingo and it had just gotten going and finish in 4 to 10 second Fantastic

I love this game it's addicting takes a long time before you can get gym and when it loose connection it will not refine your own your gyms I love this game but it takes a long time to get gems and when it loose connection it doesn't refund Perfect

I've became (very) addicted to this game, especially since it is the best I personally say that I've played in a n while that's fast paced format Not bad

I have played this game since 2014 and still am entertained by playing the games.its so much fun Fantastic

ONLY rating 5 to get my gems. Doesn't save progress when changing devices so new phone means all the work you do is for nothing. 5 star

Finally found one I like if it had off line mode I probably would never put my phone down Muito bom!

Sick of it freezing . This last week during game play on start up and especially the spinning wheels . Also spinning wheel clearly fixed so you rarely get more than one or two gems . And last but not least complete black out to he point I have to restart my phone when I try contact help centre for freezing issues . Used to love this game have been playing for 3 months solid . Cool

Fun game with games within the game (Instant bingo rewards, slots and collecting items which increases your daily rewards for returning to the game). Flawless

Every time I get a new phone, no matter what I always download this game because I love it so much! wow lol

Probably the only player that has played for 5 hours and not had a win, looks like if I want to play this free game, I will have to spend money to continue. Dont think so, as the game dosnt merit payments Perfect

Kina difficult at first but getting used to it. Game seems fun already though. 5 stars for extra points. Flawless

Its a cool game just wish you could pull all the cards up instead of havn 2 swipe to your other cards to dab them..apart from that love it Pretty good

Love this game. Only downfall is not having enough credits to play many other levels at first. Must have

I loved this game. But when you passed all the challenges it gets boring. My game reset so now I'm addicted again.. would love for them to do more updates and challenges.... Not bad

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