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I just wonder why when I have a bingo game will not let me claim so game keeps going and ends round I don't think I will be playing anymore. This has happened several times and not sure why this happens but deducts points but you can't win half the time Why can't I use the imaginary money to purchase daubs Muito bom!

I enjoy playing this app and at times find myself stuck for hours. Although, there are times it is slow loading. I also think the set amount of bingo chips required for the purchase of bingo cards are a little much at times. Flawless

After each round it tells u that u won x# of gems. But i have no clue what they ate used for and theres no total on the main page of how many you have. Worth a go!

Fun game but have to pay for any extras the good rooms take a lot of cherries and you barely bingo Highly Recommend.

Should give u more chips more frequently to sign in as a bonus the cards take alot of chips to play so u get 2 games when you wait 24 hours to get ur free chips 5 star

It's a great Relaxing type of a game. The nice thing about this game IS... U don't have to hunt 4 the Bingo! AS soon AS there IS a Bingo, The game yells it out FOR YOU!! Give it a chance, As soon AS you've played a few You'll KNOW!! FIVE IT A CHANCE (+) ENJOY!! Surprisingly

My favorite Bingo game. Its alot of fun, and very addictive. However in my opinion its very hard to win. Im not a poor sport, Its just a bit frustrating. My biggest complaint is that its really hard to win the red Bingo coins, it seems like they want to force you to purchase them. Awesome

I love playing this game. I hate to have to uninstall it. You just can't get ahead playing. You have to bingo on every card to break even. Or, you have to bingo in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place to win more than you bet. I lose so much more than I win. I'll play my chips out and leave. Maybe I'll be back when they come down on the prices for the virtual chips. Great job

Fun to play! Quite addictive! If you have any problems customer service does help. I've been playing this game for quite a while now. I basically only play it for 2 sittings a day because I don't buy chips etc but I enjoy it immensely. Brilliant

Just waiting for GSN to get back with on When I'll be able to Start Receiving My Gifts From My Bingo Bash Friends!! NOW THIER telling me I have to connect to my Laptop or regular Computer?? I've been Playing this game for over 4 Years and Really Do Love it!! Good Luck Everyone fr Attalla, AL USA Marvelous

only thing I hate is that I'm not giving enough chips. I only have enough to play one game if i lose and you have to wait way too long to get more free chips Must have

I ABSOLUTELY love the game!!! Def the Best Bingo Apps w a Fun Twist out there! My only upgrade recommendation would be more opportunities for free chips & powerplays daily... to Bingo w/out powerplays sometimes feels near Impossible & you quickly blow thru chips so it becomes Frustrating. Love & look forward to the occasional unlimited powerplay wkends- these specials are when I make in app purchases & see the best advancement results! Otherwise, I play each evening & only get to play 2 rounds w daily chip allotment wow lol

Whole lotta fun! Best bingo game I've played! Keep bringing new games, love playing. Give us better chances at calling Bingos & this will be the #1 bingo game around! Muito bom!

When I first started to play Bingo Bash it was great but it has become to where if you don't spend actual money in the game you rarely ever win. I can buy 2 cards per game for 6 or 7 games and not win once but see the same players win on 2 and 3 sometimes 4 of their cards every game. Really not worth playing anymore. Great!

This is one app I keep coming back 2 it always is doing something new. Just about every big holiday they create a new room to suit the month or holiday, there's so many 2 pick from so it doesn't get old & boring. If you like bingo & are competitive this game is for you! Works perfectly

It takes forever to Bingo. I love the game but it takes so many chips and they have cheaters. The cheaters are allowed to get away with it. Not bad

I play as a guest. Refuse to use Facebook security is real bad. For weeks played battleship 4 cards for 8 chips. Come back today and 4 cards are 32 chips. My next completion was 50 chips now it is 200. I was almost done with the 50 chip collection. Can't play any room now. Game with my chip bonus last only 5 min than have to leave. No wheel of fortune, deal or no deal, and no new lobby like you show in support. So when I play the wonder rooms can't cash in gems for chips. Need to lower cost of power plays so people who cant afford to buy them can get power plays. Need to give more coins upon end of game. No longer going to play your game much. Sorry you disappointed me. Get me to play a lot with lower card buy in than wham raise buy in. Not right. Also when I started only cartoon pictures now real pictures of players. I am not connected to face book why does it look like I am. What a disappointment. love it

Game freezes alot, more so when you have several bingos and get no credit for them. Muito bom!

To the guy that says stop bitching cuz it's free. Reviews are so they can get feedback to improve the game. What good is the game if you can only play 2 games a day? There are too many other games out there that are free that customers can get chips to play for hours. This game should take care of their loyal customers before they move on to some of the other games. So many have posted about the small amount of chips received and they added the spinning wheel, maybe by reading the reviews they are listening and trying to improve chances of getting more chips. If everyone continues to give low reviews, maybe just maybe they'll increase our chances to get more daily chips! Brilliant

Would love to play the game but keeps crashing before it loads. Had to uninstall :-( I have since been able to play the game and absolutely love it. Much different than other Bingo games! I wish that it was easier and cheaper to get more powerplays Fantastic

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