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What a relief!!!! This is such a help with not being able to sleep. It's like retraining for the brain. My sleep has been so sweet Superb!

Its okay The sounds were really nice & enjoyable but there was a lot of tracks with flashing light images without warning and seemed unnecessary. For someone with epilepsy, this made the app not usable personally and it was a shame. Recommend

Decent app, an issue or two. I struggle with insomniatic tenancies, I found the sleep induction worked exceedingly well for the first few minutes, only to be woken up when the app turned the background noises back on (I had them turned off as I found them distracting) the moment the track changes pace, to what it calls delta waves, the background noises were back and the slider still showed them as off. I had to turn the slider up and back down again to get them off, by which point I was back at square one. Needs some kinks sorted Pretty good

I LOVE THE "STUDY " one I just read a long sentence only one times because with binaural beats. REALLY A STUDENT LIKE Please make more of them! Must have

Works well and no advertising The author has made the program easy to use. The short nap selection works very well. wow lol

Great It is so nice and it works, even though I hv used it quite irregularly. I plug in and study when I'm distracted and I can get on track with it. I use it while sleeping too. A lot of thanks fr this app. :) Highly Recommend.

Use it everyday in many ways This is the most useful app for my busy lifestyle. I use it to calm myself down and to wind myself up. Or to help me focus on those difficult tasks. I've been looking for this for 20years.

Fantastic Number 1 app helps when I wake up frequently drift back into wonderful slumber thankyou for all your dedicated research and hard work..

idk i tried that lucid dreaming thingy and there's no way i could fall asleep to that. i was just laying there till 5am

Just what I need This app is the best medicine I have. As a victim of chronic pain their Morphine preset works wonders for my pain. Sometimes I use at night to help me sleep. Definitely five stars! Been.using this for years and it always works.l turn the screen off to save battery life. It works great on my phone and tablet. No adds!! Beware of copies that contain addware. This one is ad free!!!

I can't explain I don't know how to explain how these people do this but god knows I'm thankful. Years and tears have come and gone do to restless sleeping and insomnia. This app is amazing. 20-30 mins and I'm in a trance. When I awaken I'm well rested and ready for the day. Thank you so much for this app

Thank you so much May your life, research and journey be blessed... Thank you for this amazing app and the great value that it brings

Awesome If anyone not rate 5 also I will rate it because of this app my chest pain and stomach pain left me away everyone should download this thing very very useful

Love it I thought it was fake, until last night i was trying to sleep when listening this and get faster to sleep and get really good sleep

The only thing I would love To avoid the blinking when we are changing frequencies, It's really annoying and it actually makes one lose concentration, I would rate 5 if we can get this fixed, thanks for the amazing App!

Helps sleep and aids pain management. This is a fantastic app, and the only one in which you can lower the volume of different parts. My one, and only, criticism is that you can't customise a playlist. That said, keep up the good work. Well worth downloading :-)

Really works! After sleeping less than 4 hours a night for weeks, I tried the sleep induction and was asleep quickly and woke up feeling rested and refreshed, which rarely happens for me. Every time I've used it, it's been of great benefit. Thanks for the app!

Perfection. Really good. I can't even believe it works! I am drawing and sketching more than I usually do, and it is really good to see myself draw more! Really great, a miracle, to be honest.

Good app Maybe the placebo effect but it does help me focus when studying. Only issue is sometimes I have to search information when I am studying. The app tends to shutdown after just a few moments of running in the background. Fix that and 5 stars!!

Very Very useful. It's very useful in all situations like while sleeping, it cures head ache, it induces concentration. I love this very much..

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