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Addictive I love this game.....superb game awesome graphics & challenging. Good work. Hats off Fantastic

Not my kinda game BUT...READ BELOW I HV tried lots of bike games usually from OK to decent to complete and utter crap but there's something about this just hits every rite at times but all makes u wanna come bk fr more...also I find games with tilt controls to usually b rubbish but this pulls it off perfect....ur gonna need to learn how to take off on one wheel to get head start..u also get to race ur ghosts which helps u to getting the 3 star time...I cud go on all day..but download it..give it a lil chance till u master the tilting and u will b rewarded with tons of fun....also like the way that even tho u still hit the finish line win u still get blown to bits or squashed ect...just fr fun...defo one of miniclips best..and oh....u decide if u wanna watch ads fr rewards and it..wish I cud give it 10 stars :) Pretty good

Game is good but not smooth hang and laggy also on exit hang my phone not even high end game hand my phone so its coading fault need to work on this Not bad

This game is realy fun i love it and the best thing about it is that i love the bike for the people who make this game good job Muito bom!

Updated the game then it crashed i unistalled it then installed again and now trying hard to link it with facebook but cant every ot says cant connect to game server where as internet is working fine everything else is working. Worth a go!

Nice Game - Still Some Bugs The game works well however, playing video ads for bike upgrades always crashes the app. Can't upgrade to the next bike even though the other required achievements have already been surpassed. wow lol

Awesome game This game is really awesome l really love it. Best game ever. I would give it five stars but some levels are way to difficult. It is really difficult to get 80 stars to unlock a new world please make it a little bit easier Works perfectly

Cool This game is cool because one moment your thinking easy the next you get crushed Go well

Awesome!! People say bike race is better..... Well people who say that play this game and you will see the difference between which one is better. Obviously this one is better. Must have

Adventurous Very good game easy to play, but of the player has the button to tilt the bike then it will be awesome Brilliant

This is soooo cool I allways carve for such a good game.... Some games are so non intresting, but this is cool.... Download before the pay comes...♡♥♡♥♡♥♡ ;) :D =) Muito bom!

Its awesome please make faster bikes or a new gmae and plz plz make us start out with 5000 coins thanks Works great


Buggy and bad Controls. Game often bugs out.. Whether it be obstacles in the levels not being activated, halting progress..the rider hunching over and losing all speed and control.. Or the frame rate drop after several minutes of playing the app.. Needing a restart to clear it. Controls r awful as well. No calibration? Wtf.. Level design is great and the mechanics for a good game r there. It needs fixing and more options for choosing/calibrating controls

One of the best games This betting money thing that minclip does is awesome!They have loads others like,8 ball pool,soccer stars and bowling king!I have all of them.But there's one you should really get,its called my fav!

I like to give 5 star for this game . I will change it to 5 star sure. But there is a problem in this game. And that is , it stucks a lot. Sometyms it will stop by its own. Plzz solve this issue in next upgrade.

Meez You should download me its been way more awesomer than this just look up me it is awesome its online though

Suryansh singh I am playing in ipone6s I love this game I am in world 4 but I want in sepical bike last one bike name 1290 superduce r please

Cool but.... There's just one thing that really bothers me on this game. It takes you ages to unlock the second section cos you have to collect 80 stars AND win 30 multiplayer races. It should really be one or another cos I'm finding it hard trying to collect 80 stars and I've doe 30 multiplayer races!

Love it Play this game and get points on play Games so what are you waiting for download it now and be a star on play Games so what level are you on if you what to be on level 11 start playing it or download it now give me your numbers so we can chat

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