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Awesome! Love free fonts that lets me express my own unique personality. Please keep making more free fonts. Recommend to install Big Font Pro(change font size) APK.

Very good apps.! Good job and well done. Very straight forward and easy to use. - Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

#get-fit Cool! Wow cool apps, but plz allow me to change system font styles too. then I will give you 5 stars.

Very handy! I love this app!! It's so simple & allows me to use ANY font I want regardless of the size. Highly recommend downloading!! The only reason it's not 5 stars is bc when you change font style, the font size doesn't return to default size, which would be ideal. Fix that and you're PERFECT!. Recommend to download Big Font Pro(change font size) APK.

#get-fit Amazing! This is very usefull. Download it and give it a try. Hope this free app could help you with larger or smaller font.

#customize-your-phone Does what it says on the tin! On my HTC Evo 3D rooted on android 4.0.3 this works flawlessly. Just what I was after. Thanks to the dev.

Nice App! This application is working properly and my antivirus accept this app. and no any virus in this... Recommend to get Big Font Pro(change font size) APK.

Works perfectly! Changing the size of my font manually allows me to adjust it smaller (our larger) than default settings. I love it for my extra downloaded fonts!

Welldone app!! I searched for this app for a long time. Glad to found this, work excellent on my Samsung Galaxy AcePlus, thanks!!

#customize-your-phone Excellent! Some of the most beautiful fonts/font packs in the play store happen to appear REALLY small and would be a shame not to use them because they're too small to see on-screen so this app is a MUST HAVE! Excellent job dev, keep up the great work!

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