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This app is fantastic. Now only needing ADB makes it even more so. If you want to know what's going on with your battery this the only app you need. It's simply the best. Muito bom!

Amazing app, and now it's even better with the adb permissions to use without root! Finally I can try to win the battle with misbehaving apps. Worth it!

Great app. 5 stars once adaptive icon is implemented (shouldn't take more than half an hour) Awesome

I used to use this app on every rooted device I had, but it looks like the devs haven't updated it in over a year. Works perfectly

Would give this a 5 if it didn't require root to do the truly useful stuff (which isn't possible on this phone) but I also use it on rooted devices and love it there love it

Very easy to read interface. It didn't actually solve my problem but it gave me more than enough information to solve my battery drain issue. Well worth the money Worth a go!

Sadly this app doesn't work properly for me. Most of the time measurements like 'Screen Off', 'Screen On' etc just disappear and in worst cases I'm left with nothing but 'Boot' and 'Unplugged'. Combined with the fact that 90% of the measurements require root does this leave me with nothing useful : ( Highly Recommend.

Tried many apps to find why my battery was so bad and only BBS found a wakelock. Fixed it and now everything is perfect. Flawless

Lifesaver! This app found the process that was using alot of CPU all the time and made my phone nearly unusable. Thanks! Just wow

This app showed that excess battery consumption was due to a runway camera process. Phone lasts much longer now love it

A bit hard to learn, but easily best oversight over what's keeping my phone from deep sleep! Perfect

This app is the easiest way for me to track down what's draining my battery. I use it with root, but it's not even necessary to have root as long as you grant a permission via ADB. However, I do sometimes get "Selected from or to reference could not be loaded. Please refresh." It forces me to reset the app to get it to work again. But that's not worth a downgrade of 1 star, good job dev! 5 star

Essential app for everybody who needs to diagnose battery drain problems or to optimize her Android system, all while learning a bit about how Android works. I find it really useful, in particular if side-by-side used with Wakelock Detector. love it

Long time xda member here. This app is awesome!!! Since no xposed for nougat, BBB helped me isolate my wakelock hogs, and enjoy my device. Idle drain went from 1.9 per hour to 0.3 per hour thanks to your app, and research. You rock Dev!!! Superb!

You save my battery, you save my life! And as some users said, this app combined with greenify donation are the perfect couple, thanks a lot! Perfect

If you don't know how to give an app adb then don't bother rating this app. BBS is the perfect tool for finding wakelock & power draining apps. wow lol

Its usefulness makes up for a rather steep learning curve. Without a doubt the best battery mgmt tool once you've Googled how to utilise it properly Highly Recommend.

Gave me all the info I needed regarding my battery drain. I couldn't have gotten the info about the partial wakelocks any other way Cool

Amazing app, I only give 4 stars because of the learning curve. The app is well worth the price. Works great

Seems great, lots of detailed info. Very handy if you're trying to troubleshoot a problem. Omg

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